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I already have a visa, can I travel in and out of New Zealand with it?

First check your visa label or eVisa to see it you have any valid travel conditions.

At the top of your label, look for fields called:

  • Number of Entries, and
  • Expiry Date Travel, and
  • First Entry Before.

If the Number of Entries says Multiple, and the Expiry Date Travel  is still valid, you are able to travel in and out of New Zealand until the date shown in Expiry Date Travel  field, without losing your visa.

If you are granted your visa from outside of New Zealand and there is a date next to First Entry Before, you will need to enter New Zealand before this date to activate your visa.

Travel Conditions on Residence Visas

There are several different types of travel conditions available to holders of resident visas. For information on criteria and application process specific to residents, refer to our Residents page.

Resident Visa travel conditions