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Can I change my course of study and/or education provider?

If you wish to attend a different course, different institute or different location than the one your student visa is granted for, you must first apply for a variation of conditions  (or a further student visa).

You may be required to provide evidence to demonstrate that you continue to meet student instructions and we will need to consider if you would have been granted a student visa initially for that course of study or provider.
If you withdraw from your course of study and/or education provider before obtaining authority to do so, you will be in breach of your visa conditions.

Applicants who breach their visa conditions may not ordinarily be granted further visas (or a variation of conditions) and may be liable for deportation and required to leave New Zealand.

If you apply for a variation of conditions to your existing student visa, this will not change the expiry date of your visa. 

If your visa will be expiring soon, you may prefer to apply for a whole new student visa instead.

Varying the conditions of a student visa