Preparing for your migrant staff

It pays to start preparing before your migrant worker arrives. This involves putting together information to help them fit into the workplace and ensuring they will have what they need to adjust to work and life in New Zealand.

From the first contact with your new employee to the time they arrive in New Zealand, be positive but realistic. Do not promise anything that you or New Zealand cannot deliver. You will only set migrants up for disappointment if life in New Zealand is not what they expected.

Help your new employee with their move 

There are a number of things that you may need to prepare for your new migrant employees including:

  • an orientation programme to introduce your workplace and your local region
  • a welcome kit with local information
  • accommodation and transport information

Prepare existing staff for your new migrant employee by announcing their upcoming arrival on your website or staff communication channels eg. noticeboards.

Much of this preparation will only need to be done once. If you hire migrant workers in the future, you will be very well prepared.

NZ ready planning tool

Moving to a new country can be a daunting task for your new employee. There is a lot for them to consider and do, and overlooking the small things can make moving a challenge. The best way to help your new employee with their move is to guide them to NZ Ready. NZ Ready is Immigration New Zealand’s free online planning tool for migrants moving to New Zealand.

NZ Ready planning tool

Think beyond the workplace

Provide information about life in New Zealand during the recruitment process. Your new employee needs to know what to expect in relation to basics of life in New Zealand like housing and healthcare.

If your new employee has a family it is also important to help ensure they also settle well. You can help by providing information on things like schooling and employment opportunities for their partner and children. A happy, settled family makes for a happy, settled and productive employee who is more likely to remain loyal to you.