Roles exempt from the AEWV median wage threshold

If you want to hire migrants on the Accredited Employer Work Visa and the role is on this list you can pay less than the median wage.

You must meet a pay threshold

Specific jobs in construction and infrastructure, and tourism and hospitality must pay at least NZD $25 an hour.

Specific jobs in the care workforce sector must be paid at least NZD $25.39 an hour.

An AEWV holder paid below the median wage in these cases can hold the AEWV for 2 years before completing a stand-down for 12 consecutive months outside New Zealand, when they can get another AEWV for 2 years.

The migrant worker can get another visa for a job paid above the median wage without having to complete a stand-down period.

Sector — Construction and infrastructure

Metal fabricator ANZSCO 322311

Welder ANZSCO 322313

Fitter (general) ANZSCO 323211

Fitter-Welder ANZSCO 323213

Painting trades worker ANZSCO 332211

Fibrous plasterer ANZSCO 333211

Solid plasterer ANZSCO 333212

Wall and floor tiler ANZSCO 333411

Sector — Care workforce

Kaiāwhina (hauora) (Māori health assistant) ANZSCO 411512

Disabilities services officer ANZSCO 411712

Residential care officer ANZSCO 411715

Aged or disabled carer ANZSCO 423111

Nursing support worker ANZSCO 423312

Personal care assistant ANZSCO 423313

Therapy aide ANZSCO 423314

Child or youth residential care assistant ANZSCO 423411

Sector — Tourism and hospitality

These roles are only exempt from paying the median wage threshold until April 2023.

Hotel service manager ANZSCO 431411

Hotel or motel manager ANZSCO 141311

Accommodation and hospitality managers nec ANZSCO 141999

Licensed club manager ANZSCO 141411

Conference and event organiser ANZSCO 149311

Travel consultant ANZSCO 451612

Travel agency manager ANZSCO 142116

Tour guide ANZSCO 451412

Caravan park and camping ground manager ANZSCO 141211

Diving instructor (open water) ANZSCO 452311

Hunting guide ANZSCO 452213

Gallery or museum technician ANZSCO 399311

Trekking guide ANZSCO 452216

Waiter ANZSCO 431511

Commercial housekeeper ANZSCO 811411

Kitchenhand ANZSCO 851311

Barista ANZSCO 431112

Hotel or motel receptionist ANZSCO 542113

Bar attendant ANZSCO 431111

Fast food cook ANZSCO 851111

Food trades assistants nec ANZSCO 851299

Hospitality workers nec ANZSCO 431999

Cafe worker ANZSCO 431211

Pastrycook's assistant ANZSCO 851211

Doorperson or luggage porter ANZSCO 431912

Gaming worker ANZSCO 431311

Travel attendants nec ANZSCO 451799