How to apply for a Job Check

After you are accredited to employ workers on an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV), gather information about the roles you want to fill and apply online for a Job Check.


From 27 November 2023, we are introducing a maximum continuous stay and longer visa length for the AEWV. Find out how this affects employers, and how you can support your workers.
Maximum continuous stay and longer visa length for the AEWV

Apply online

Our checklist for employers can help you prepare your application.

Applying for a Job Check: Checklist for employers

If you have everything you need to apply, start your application.
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After you log in, go to the Immigration Online dashboard to start your application.

To start a new Job Check:

  • select the 'Employ migrants' tab
  • go to the 'My granted accreditations' section
  • select 'View accreditation' from the Options dropdown list
  • select 'Request a Job Check' to start your application.

Information you need before you apply

Before you start an application you need to have:

  • the right level of accreditation to match the number of migrants you want to hire on the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) — check the accreditation process for the accreditation levels:
    Step 1 of the AEWV accreditation process 
  • the job title and location of the work
  • an acceptable job offer, job description and employment agreement
  • evidence you advertised the job for 2 weeks before your Job Check application — only advertise if the job pays less than twice the median wage or is not on the Green List
  • the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO) code that best matches the job you are offering based on the INZ view of ANZSCO.

Green list roles

INZ view of ANZSCO — Statistics New Zealand


Your Job Check application will be processed quicker if you include all the information we need and it does not require follow up contact from us. We are prioritising processing for Job Checks that include evidence of current vacancies that need to be filled.

Paying Job Check fees

You pay a fee for a Job Check when you submit your application.

Paying for AEWV employer accreditation and Job Checks

Documents you need ready for when you apply

When you apply for a job check you need to upload:

  • the job description
  • the employment agreement
  • evidence you advertised, if you needed to.

Acceptable job offer requirements

The job you offer must fulfil the requirements for an AEWV. It must:

  • be for at least 30 hours a week
  • pay the market rate and at least the New Zealand median wage of NZD $29.66 an hour, unless it is on an exemption list. The median wage rate is updated every year.

Wage rate requirements for visas

AEWV roles exempt from paying the median wage

How we calculate pay rates for the AEWV

Median wage comparison calculator

Prepare an acceptable employment agreement

Prepare an unsigned draft contract for the job you are offering. It needs to have:

  • you named as the direct employer
  • all clauses required by employment law and excludes clauses that do not comply
  • paid leave entitlements
  • deductions, benefits or allowances
  • the maximum number of hours the employee may be asked to work before being paid additional overtime rates
  • wages, pay range, and the pay period
  • the overtime rate of pay (if applicable)
  • guaranteed hours and actual pay
  • the number of hours the employee may be asked to work, including any hours paid at overtime rates.

Things an employment agreement must contain — Employment New Zealand

Deductions — Employment New Zealand


You can still negotiate pay and hours with the worker, as long as the actual hours are within the range provided in your Job Check. The information you provide helps us check the guaranteed pay rate if we need to.

The Job Check checklist has a list of information to include in your employment agreement:
Applying for a job check: Checklist for employers

Check if multiple roles can go into one Job Check application

You can include multiple roles in one Job Check application as long as:

  • the job details are the same ⁠— for example, they are all under the same ANZSCO code, and have the same occupation, pay, location, and minimum requirements
  • they are covered by the same advertising and employment agreement.

If the location, job title, or terms of work vary you need a separate Job Check for each role.

Immigration New Zealand view of ANZSCO — Statistics New Zealand

Provide evidence you have advertised

You only need to provide evidence you advertised your role if it pays less than twice the median wage or is not on the Green List.
Green List roles

If you do advertise, you must submit your job check application within 90 days of when your job advertisement closes.

Your evidence must show that prior to submitting your Job Check application you advertised:

  • for at least 2 weeks
  • on a national job listing website, or another advertising channel, where suitable New Zealanders are likely to be attracted and apply.

You also need in your Job Check application a copy of the job ad which must show:

  • the job description
  • the minimum and maximum pay
  • the location
  • minimum hours of work
  • estimated actual earnings if the job pays by piece, commission or there are other rates or bonuses
  • the minimum skills, experience, and qualifications for the role.

The Job Check checklist includes examples of suitable evidence.

Job advertisement guide for accredited employers PDF 744KB

Using a recruitment agency

If you use a recruitment agency and your business name is not in the advertisement, we may ask you for evidence to show your business is linked to the role included in your job check application.


When you apply for a Job Check you must confirm that you will not pass on any recruitment costs to job applicants. 

After your Job Check is approved

We send you an email confirming your Job Check has been approved. Log in to Immigration Online to view your approved jobs.

Job check expiry

Each Job Check approval is valid for 6 months. A migrant worker must apply for their AEWV while the job check approval is valid. The Job Check approval will expire if they do not apply for their work visa within 6 months. It is not recommended to apply on the day of expiry as the exact timing of expiry may vary.

Inviting a migrant worker to apply

To ask a suitably skilled migrant to apply for an AEWV, log in to Immigration Online and then:

  • go to your 'Approved jobs' — these are listed in the 'Approved jobs' section on the Accredited organisation, Accreditation certificate, and Job Check summary pages
  • select 'Send request' from the Options drop-down list
  • enter the migrant's full name and email address
  • select 'Submit'.

This sends an email to the migrant with a unique link also known as a job token. The migrant must open the link and accept the request before they can begin their application.

If multiple jobs are approved for the same Job Check, each job will show in your 'Approved jobs'. You must send a new request for each individual job.

After a migrant worker has accepted your request they can log in to Immigration Online and apply for an AEWV. Their application will prepopulate relevant information from the associated Job Check.


You must give the visa applicant a copy of their employment agreement and a copy of the signed employment offer before they begin their application.

Reusing an approved job and job token

You can only resend a request to another migrant if:

  • the job token has not already been used for an approved AEWV application
  • the job token is not being used at the same time for another AEWV application, and
  • the Job Check is still current.

Further details for specific situations are below.

If the worker does not accept your request or does not meet requirements

You can resend a request to another suitable applicant if the worker you invite:

  • does not accept the request, or
  • does not meet the visa requirements and their application is declined.

You can still offer the job to a New Zealander if you cannot find a migrant.

If we decline an AEWV application

If we have declined an AEWV application but the applicant is eligible to have their application reconsidered, you cannot resend the request to another migrant until:

  • we have reconsidered the application and made a decision, or
  • you tell us you have withdrawn your offer of employment from the applicant.

Withdrawing an offer of employment

If you tell us you have withdrawn the employment offer from an AEWV applicant, and the AEWV application has not been already approved, you can resend the request to another migrant.

When a worker's visa is nearing expiry

You cannot continue to employ a worker if:

  • the job you are offering pays below the median wage, and
  • the worker’s visa expires after 2 years.

They must leave New Zealand for 12 consecutive months before they can apply for another visa.

Median wage comparison calculator

If you want to continue to employ an AEWV worker on an AEWV, you may need to apply for another job check, including advertising for suitable New Zealand workers first. We may complete inspections, either desk-based or through site visits, to confirm you are meeting your obligations as an AEWV employer.


If you have standard employer accreditation, check you have enough quota to continue employing them.

When workers can apply for residence

Some occupations on the Green List let workers on an AEWV apply for residence immediately. Other occupations on the list and jobs paying twice the median wage, let them apply after 2 years.

Green list roles

Getting help to apply

Our employer line is open between 08:00 and 18:00, Monday to Friday.

Freephone from NZ landlines: 0508 967 569