Passing the job check

Once you are accredited you must get a job check for each job you want to hire a migrant worker for before you can offer the role to a migrant.

Why you need to do a job check

The purpose of the job check is to ensure there are no New Zealanders available to do a job. This aims to support local employment opportunities, and ensure employers are offering attractive wages to New Zealanders, before they look to recruit migrants. The job check will also help ensure migrants recruited into New Zealand on an AEWV are mostly filling higher-skilled roles. 

Requirements for all jobs submitted for the job check

All jobs must:

  • be for full time work, at least 30 hours each week
  • be paid at the market rate and not less than the median wage unless a lower wage threshold applies
  • be advertised with pay ranges declared, to attract New Zealanders, unless it is paid at 2x the median wage or on the Green List
  • be submitted by the accredited employer who is hiring the migrant worker
  • be paid at least monthly
  • be compliant with all the relevant New Zealand employment laws and standards
  • not be for self-employment.

Green List jobs for AEWV

The Government has introduced a new Green List to make it easier for employers to hire migrants in specific occupations.

You do not need proof of advertising for the job check if the role is on the Green List or is paid at least 2x the median wage.

Green List occupations

Jobs cannot be for planting, maintaining, harvesting or packing crops in the horticulture or viticulture industries. These jobs come under the Recognised Seasonal Employer scheme (RSE).

Recognised Seasonal Employer Limited Visa

Other job check requirements will depend on the job’s pay rate and occupation.

Job check applications open 20 June 2022

Applications must be made using the form provided on our website, which will be available to employers when the job check opens.

Jobs must pay market rate, and at least the median wage for most jobs

A job check will not be issued if the job does not pay the market rate for that role and at least the median wage.

The median wage of NZD $27.76 will apply to most job checks submitted from 20 June 2022, when applications for the job check open, unless an exemption applies.

The median wage is updated once each year, and is signaled by the Government in advance.

If the median wage is updated before the work visa application is submitted, the actual pay offered will need to meet the new median wage.

If the updated median wage is outside the range you showed in your advertising, you must do a new job check. You should consider any potential increase to the median wage within the valid period covered by the job check.

Immigration New Zealand considers the total guaranteed income across a given pay period to determine whether a job meets the median wage.

How we calculate pay rates for Accredited Employer Work Visa

Jobs with median wage exemptions

Some jobs are exempt from the median wage threshold.

An AEWV holder paid below the median wage in these cases can hold the AEWV for 2 years before completing a stand down for 12 consecutive months outside New Zealand, when they can get another AEWV for 2 years.

The migrant worker can get another visa for a job paid above the median wage without having to complete a stand-down period.

Median wage exemptions will apply for certain jobs in the construction, care, tourism and hospitality sectors allowing recruitment at rates slightly lower than median wage threshold for AEWV.

Roles exempt from the AEWV median wage threshold

Highly paid jobs

If the job is paid at least 2x of the median wage (NZD $55.52 per hour or the equivalent annual salary), or is on the Green List, you do not need to provide proof of advertising for the role at the job check.

Visas for these jobs can be for up to 3 years and can offer a pathway to residence.

All other jobs

All other jobs must pay at least the median wage and unless the job is on the Green List, you must have advertised for New Zealanders.

Visas for these jobs can be for up to 3 years.

Businesses can continue to hire workers on other visa types, such as working holiday or student visas, where the median wage threshold rule does not apply.

Documents you need to do the job check

For all job check applications, you must provide us with:

  • a detailed job description
  • an example of the employment agreement the migrant will sign
  • evidence of job advertising if proof of advertising is required.

You must give us the minimum skills for the role, for example qualification and experience where these are required. The AEWV applicant applying for the job must meet these requirements. If your job check is approved and you ask a migrant worker to apply for an AEWV, we will check the migrant has the skills, qualifications and experience you told us were required in the job check.

Example of the employment agreement

The sample employment agreement must:

  • include all the mandatory clauses required by employment law
  • not include any clauses that do not comply with employment law
  • include a clause about paid leave entitlements to ensure migrant workers are aware of their rights
  • include the pay period – when the worker applies, the confirmed pay period can’t be longer than the one provided in the agreement.

The agreement must give the worker information about the pay.


The employer can still negotiate these with the worker, as long as the actual hours are within the range provided at the job check – this helps us check the guaranteed pay rate if we need to.

Pay information must include:

  • the maximum number of hours the employee may be asked to work before being paid additional overtime rates
    details of the overtime rate of pay, and
  • the number of hours the employee may be asked to work, including any hours paid at overtime rates.

Get advice

An approved job check is not our endorsement that all the details of the employment comply with employment law. You should get advice about complying with employment law if you need to. You are responsible for ensuring you comply.

Employment Law | Employment New Zealand

Advertising requirements

The terms and conditions of the job must be clear in the job advertisement. The employer must genuinely consider any New Zealanders who apply.

Advertising must:

  • include a job description
  • be for a minimum of 2 weeks on a national job listing website where suitable New Zealanders are likely to apply, or another advertising channel more likely to attract suitable New Zealanders to the specific role
  • show significant terms and conditions including the minimum and maximum pay rate (which must cover or exceed the applicable wage threshold), the minimum guaranteed hours of work, the location of the job
  • show the estimated actual earnings where a significant portion of the pay is by piece rate, commission or other rates or bonuses that are not guaranteed
  • show minimum qualifications, work experience, skills or other specifications necessary to do the job.

For roles that must show proof of advertising, you must provide evidence you have met the advertising requirements as part of your job check application. You will be asked to upload evidence as part of the application form to show us you have done this. This evidence will include a copy of the job ad, and detail of the dates, duration and platform of the advertising.

The job check application form will ask you to declare whether you found any New Zealand workers for the job.

Job quota

Only employers with standard accreditation will have a job quota. A job quota space is taken when a job is approved as part of a job check.

Job quota limits may apply.

Job quota limits

Hiring for multiple positions

Multiple positions for the same job can be included in one job check if the job details are the same (for example they have the same occupation, pay range, location and minimum job requirements), and are all covered by the same advertising (where required) and proposed employment agreement.

After your job check is approved

When a job is approved as part of a job check, you will be given a job token which you give to the migrant to use when they apply for the AEWV.

The job token has a unique number linking the migrant to the specific job that was approved in your job check application, and the quota of AEWV workers you have. The token is for one-time use only and cannot be used if it has already been used to approve a work visa, or if it is being used at the same time for another work visa application.

Job check duration

An approved job check is valid for 6 months or until you no longer hold accreditation, whichever is earlier.

If your accreditation is suspended for any reason, any current job checks you hold cannot be used to support an AEWV application.

If your accreditation is suspended, the tokens cannot be sent to a migrant. If your accreditation expires or is revoked, the approved job check will also expire.

Asking a migrant to apply for an AEWV

When you ask a migrant to fill the job and apply for an AEWV, they will need a copy of the employment agreement, and signed offer of employment (these can be the same document, if they are incorporated and include the agreed pay for the worker).

The details of the employment offered must be the same, or more favourable, than as those approved in the job check and must be from the accredited employer.

The migrant must meet the qualification and experience requirements you said were the minimum requirements for the job at the job check. The pay rate being offered must meet or exceed the applicable wage threshold.

Reconsideration of declined job check application

A request to reconsider a declined job check application must be made in the employer's Immigration Online dashboard within 14 calendar days of the decision.

If the request is accepted, the application will be reconsidered:

  • by a different immigration officer to the one who declined the application
  • under the job check instructions applying to the original application.

An immigration officer need not consider new information or a change in circumstances occurring after the original decision was made.

There is a fee to request a reconsideration of a job check application.


Job check fee — NZD $610.

Reconsideration of declined job check — NZD $240.