SkillFinder is a free online tool that connects New Zealand employers with skilled workers overseas who have expressed an interest in living and working in New Zealand.

There are over a half a million people in the SkillFinder database – most of whom have skills in demand by New Zealand employers.

You can filter the database by occupation, level of academic qualification, country of residence and years of experience. Once registered, Immigration New Zealand will send a job alert email to people in the database who match your requirements.

Register your vacancy with SkillFinder

Who can use SkillFinder?

SkillFinder is for any New Zealand employer looking for overseas talent where there is a specific role that needs to be filled, and:

  • the role is classified as mid-skilled or higher under the Essential Skills visa policy, or
  • the role is on a skill shortage list, or
  • you are an accredited employer and the role meets the criteria for a talent visa.


Before using SkillFinder, you should test the New Zealand job market to see if there is a New Zealand resident who can do the job.

Employment skill-bands for Essential Skills Work Visas

Attempts to recruit New Zealanders

Accredited Employer Scheme

What is SkillFinder?

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Having trouble finding people in skilled roles? We know finding qualified and motivated candidates can be hard. Especially if you’re looking overseas.

But we can help make the world a smaller place.

Our SkillFinder database, contains hundreds of thousands of people from around the world, with experience in a range of skilled roles.

They’ve all pre-registered their interest in bringing those skills to New Zealand, so we know they’re much more likely to make the move here, than people who aren’t pre-registered.

There’s an easy way to access this unique pool of talent. Introducing our SkillFinder job matching tool.

This is a free service for employers and recruiters that matches your job vacancy with relevant candidates in our database.

It lets you email the right people for your role, receive C.V.s and create connections to help you find your ideal candidate.

Our SkillFinder database can help you search for people, build relationships and create a talent pipeline.

So, whenever you’re looking for talent abroad, let us help you make the world a little bit smaller.


  1. Register your vacancy.
  2. Preview draft SkillFinder email and submit.
  3. INZ reviews email and sends to prospects matching your criteria - Within 1-3 working days.
  4. Receive enquiries and CV's from prospective candidates - After email is sent.
  5. INZ sends survey to measure your results - 6 weeks.