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Use this form to ask for information we have about you, like your immigration status and departure and arrival dates, and to order a letter confirming your immigration status.

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Do not use this form to ask us to:

  • transfer an eVisa or visa label to a new passport
  • correct an error on an eVisa, visa label or any documentation issued by us
  • update personal information, for example, contact details or partnership status
  • give us information — including documents associated with an online visa application
  • get a progress update on an undecided application
  • return passports or documents from an undecided application
  • receive guidance on immigration policy.

If you want to correct a document, contact the officer or office where a possible error was made, or call our contact centre.

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We can provide you with copies of some documents, for example birth certificates, marriage certificates or police certificates. If you can, specify which visa application may contain this document.


We can return original birth certificates, marriage certificates, academic qualifications, employment agreements, business plans and tenancy agreements. If you can, specify which visa application may contain this document.

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