Training opportunities for the Immigration New Zealand panel physician network.

Intergovernmental Panel Physicians Training Summits

Annual Intergovernmental Panel Physicians Training Summits provide an opportunity for panel physicians to directly interact with health and migration experts, consular officers, and other panel physicians who work in migration health assessment programs.


In person training summits are cancelled until further notice.

Migration 5 updates – Virtual Broadcast

The 2nd Annual Migration 5 Updates Meeting will be held via virtual broadcast from 27-30 July, 2021. The aim of the meeting is to provide panel physicians with updates from Migration 5 (M5) countries on immigration medical examination (IME) requirements and to support current knowledge and best practices among providers of IME's. See link to webpage containing registration details below.

Dr Rob Kofoed (Immigration New Zealand Chief Medical Officer) will provide clinical updates, Dr Karen Chung (Immigration New Zealand Refugee Health Medical Officer) will speak on Refugees and Settlement, and Pingi Telefoni (INZ Senior Business Analyst) will present on immigration instructions for panel members and upcoming eMedical updates.  We will also have members of the Immigration New Zealand Immigration Health Team present to help answer questions that are important to you and your clinic.        

International Panel Physicians Association

Migration 5 Updates – Virtual Broadcast