Applying to be a Sponsor

Community Refugee Sponsorship aims to encourage a broad range of sponsors. Typically sponsors will have good financial practices and a positive standing in the community.

Support for Sponsors

Approved community organisations will be supported by the umbrella organisation, HOST Aotearoa New Zealand, which will help your group complete the sponsor application processes, ensure you have the appropriate training, and connect your group to relevant government agencies. 

Applications open

Applications to become an approved community organisation for the CORS visa are now open and will be assessed on a rolling basis.

In order to apply you will need to fill out the application form and settlement plan (see more details in the application). We have also included a guidance note to help filling out the settlement plan:

Approved Community Organisation Application form PDF 544KB

Settlement Plan form PDF 276KB

Guidance for Community Organisations PDF 322KB

We recommend getting in touch with HOST Aotearoa New Zealand for advice and support with putting together an application:

HOST Aotearoa New Zealand

Read more about how the programme will work:

Refugee Sponsorship programme outline PDF 9MB

Approved community organisation criteria

To be approved as a sponsor your organisation must:

  • Be a legal entity — such as incorporated society, registered company, charitable trust or religious organisation.
  • Have the financial resources to provide settlement services to sponsored refugees for up to two years — as outlined below.
  • Have experience working successfully with refugees or other vulnerable people.
  • Have capability and capacity to secure suitable accommodation, and support sponsored refugees to enter the labour market and secure meaningful and sustainable employment.
  • Be willing and able to enter into a Deed of Agreement for Services with Immigration New Zealand for the provision of settlement services to the agreed standard.
  • Be able to demonstrate community outreach and connections within the broader community.

All participants in the sponsor organisations must agree and pass a police check.

Participating in sponsorship is a significant responsibility. When asked about what attributes approved sponsors needed, previous sponsors and sponsored refugees answered:

  • An openness to new religious and cultural competencies
  • An understanding of Te Tiriti o Waitangi
  • An understanding of te ao Māori