We gather statistics on how many people come and go from New Zealand, the reason for their visits, and if they come as residents and how well they settle in New Zealand.

Getting immigration statistics

You can get our statistics in 2 ways:

  • download files linked below
  • use the migration data explorer.

Migration data explorer

The migration data explorer is a tool that lets you drill into immigration data, and also protects individual privacy.

To ensure we meet our legal obligation to protect personal information, all totals in the explorer tool have been randomly rounded to base three using best practice adopted by StatsNZ. This means figures may be slightly different to previous data we have published.

The migration data explorer replaces the annual Migration Trends report, which has now ceased publication.

Migration Data Explorer | Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment

Statistics files for download

Detailed statistics can now be downloaded as CSV files through the migration data explorer.


Arrivals by month PDF 232KB

Ballot system

Applicants decided by ballot PDF 253KB


All departures by month PDF 203KB

Limited purpose

Limited purpose applications decided by financial year PDF 738KB

Recognised Seasonal Employer workers

Recognised Seasonal Employer (RSE) scheme arrivals PDF 733KB


Refugee and protection statistics PDF 735KB

  • Refugee and protection claims
  • Refugee quota and settlement
  • Refugee family support category


Resident decisions by financial year PDF 2MB

Occupation and region for SMC/General Skills principal applicants PDF 1MB

Resident applications accepted by financial year PDF 525KB

Resident applications on hand by month PDF 1MB

Returning residents

Returning resident's visas PDF 881KB


Student applications decided PDF 1MB

First-time students PDF 331KB


Visitor applications decided PDF 2MB


Work applications decided PDF 2MB

Work applications approved by occupation PDF 2MB