Internal Administration Circulars

Internal Administration Circulars (IAC) inform immigration staff on procedures and processes. We publish these as they arise. They generally provide clarity of the instructions contained within the New Zealand Operational Manual, although they’re not part of it.

Internal administration circulars (IACs) provide information for immigration staff on procedural and process issues. These are sent out as and when required. They are not part of the INZ Operational Manual.

Some IACs have been archived and can be found at the bottom of this page. 

IACs from 2017

IAC 17-03

Published 28 September 2017 - To advise staff on assessing requests from individuals to correct their identity information.

IAC 17-03 PDF 496KB

IAC 17-02

Published 24 March 2017 - To advise staff the prioritisation of the 2016/2018 Residence Programme and general instructions.

IAC 17-02 PDF 339KB

IAC 17-01

Published 6 March 2017 - To advise staff the standards and guidelines for the entry of notes into AMS.

IAC 17-01 PDF 116KB

IACs from 2016

IAC 16-05

Published 17 November 2016 - To advise staff on the principles and procedures to be followed in relation to temporary visa holders or unlawful persons who have made claims of being exploited while working in New Zealand. This IAC replaces IAC 13/05 dated 13 June 2013 following the 2015 update to s.351 of the Immigration Act 2009 to allow the Act to apply to both an unlawful migrant employees or temporary workers.

IAC 16-05 PDF 395KB

IAC 16-04

Published 29 November 2016 - To advise staff the guidelines for fee payments and refunds.

IAC 16-04 PDF 904KB

IAC 16-03

Published 17 October 2016 - To advise staff the guidelines for the management, storage and transfer of paper applications.

IAC 16-03 PDF 195KB

IAC 16-02

To advise staff the best practice - Immigration Advisers.

IAC 16-02 PDF 499KB

IAC 16-01

To advise staff the guidelines on Alerts and Warnings Internal Distribution.

IAC 16-01 PDF 258KB

IACs from 2015

IAC 15-04

Tto advise staff that the guidelines and procedures for processing fee payments and refund requests have been updated. This IAC replaces “IAC 10/08 Updated Guidelines for Fee Payments and Refunds” issued on 26 July 2010.

IAC 15-04 PDF 985KB

IAC 15-03

To advise staff about who has the authority to waive fees in certain circumstances and the procedures to follow.

IAC 15-03 PDF 314KB

IAC 15-02

To notify staff of the requirement to ensure a credit card number is not readable. After a credit card payment has been successfully processed, and the appropriate storage of the applicant’s credit card details. This IAC replaces IAC 05/19 Secure Storage of Credit Card Details.

IAC 15-02 PDF 305KB

IACs from 2014

IAC 14-04

Confirming the prioritisation of residence categories within the 2014/2016 New Zealand Residence Programme (NZRP) and to give general instructions as to the order and manner of processing applications for residence class visas.

IAC 14-04 PDF 66KB

IAC 14-03

To advise staff the guidelines and procedures for persons subject to a period of prohibition on entry to New Zealand. Uploaded 08 September 2016.

IAC 14-03 PDF 259KB

IAC 14-02

To advise staff the guidelines and procedures for alerts and warnings.

IAC 14-02 PDF 430KB

IAC 14-01

To advise staff the guidelines and procedures for considering expressions of interest for Skilled Migrant Category, Parent Category, and Investor Category.

IAC 14-01 PDF 199KB

IACs from 2013

IAC 13-09

Tto advise staff the procedures for assessing 'bona fide applicant' criteria.

IAC 13-09 PDF 386KB

IAC 13-08

To advise staff the guidelines and procedures for Section 61 of the Immigration Act 2009.

IAC 13-08 PDF 466KB

IAC 13-04

To advise staff the occupations requiring NZ registration by law in order to undertake employment in New Zealand.

IAC 13-04 PDF 110KB

IAC 13-03

To advise staff the guidelines and procedures for varying the conditions of temporary work visas.

IAC 13-03 PDF 101KB

IAC 13-02

To advise staff the guidelines and procedures for applications of transfer or confirmation of a visa and/or an application for NZ citizen endorsement.

IAC 13-02  PDF 420KB

IAC 13-01

To advise staff the guidelines and procedures for prioritisation of the 2012/2013 residence programme and general instructions.

IAC 13-01 PDF 125KB

IACs from 2012

IAC 12-07

To advise staff the status of clients between visa expiry and unlawful status.

IAC 12-07 PDF 103KB

IAC 12-06

To advise staff procedures of processing applications received through electronic submission in the Pacific.

IAC 12-06 PDF 146KB

IAC 12-05

To advise staff the guidelines and procedures for assessing skilled employment under the SMC.

IAC 12-05 PDF 108KB

IAC 12-03

To advise staff the changes to Immigration health screening.

IAC 12-03 PDF 80KB

IAC 12-02

To advise staff the process for ministerial requests and directions.

IAC 12-02 PDF 75KB

IAC 12-01

To advise staff the passport reader upgrade instructions.

IAC 12-01 PDF 45KB

IACs from 2011

IAC 11-11

To advise staff the guidelines and procedures for interim visas.

IAC 11-11 PDF 332KB

IAC 11-08

To advise staff of the complaints process to the Immigration Advisers Authority.

IAC 11-08 PDF 50KB

IAC 11-07

To advise staff of the complaints process to professional bodies.

IAC 11-07 PDF 36KB

IAC 11-03

To formalise that Immigration New Zealand's preferred method for sending letters to customers is through email.

IAC 11-03 PDF 448KB

IAC 11-04

To advise staff of the acceptable identity documents under regulation 5.

IAC 11-04 PDF 45KB

IAC 11-02

To advise staff of the procedures for processing applications under the Specific Purpose or Event work instructions for entertainers, performing artists and associated support personnel, film and video production and post-production crew, producers, and directors.

IAC 11-02 PDF 47KB

IACs from 2010

IAC 10-18

To advise staff on assessing the comparability of qualifications in terms of Note 1 of the Long Term Skills Shortage List.

IAC 10-18 PDF 90KB

IAC 10-17

To advise staff the guidelines and procedures for granting further travel conditions onshore from commencement fo the immigration act 2009 on 29 November 2010.

IAC 10-17 PDF 104KB

IAC 10-16

To advise staff the health and character requirements for a military visa application.

IAC 10-16 PDF 40KB

IAC 10-15

To advise staff of the Application Management System business continuity plan.

IAC 10-15 PDF 130KB

IAC 10-12

To advise staff the guidelines and procedures for acceptance of cash for fee payments.

IAC 10-12 PDF 45KB

IAC 10-07

To advise staff the timeframes for Privacy Act requests.

IAC 10-07 PDF 54KB

IACs from 2009

IAC 09-12

To advise staff the procedures for documenting the decision-making process.

IAC 09-12 PDF 43KB

IAC 09-03

To advise staff the acceptable passports from Kosovo.

IAC 09-03 PDF 31KB

IAC 09-01

To advise staff the guidelines and procedures for stamping passports.

IAC 09-01 PDF 80KB

Archived IACs which are no longer current

IAC Summary of IAC Status
IAC 08-01 PDF 2MB Skilled Migrant Category 4 February 2008 changes to operational policy No longer relevant
IAC 08-02 PDF 761KB United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Superseded
IAC 08-03 PDF 594KB TRSE No longer relevant
IAC 08-04 PDF 357KB Lawyers authority to act To be updated
IAC 08-05 PDF 1MB Implementation of the Immigration Advisors Licensing Act 2007 To be updated
IAC 08-06 PDF 2MB Section (s.) 35a - Immigration Act 1987 Superseded
IAC 08-07 PDF 362KB RFSC Residence Applications Not Current
IAC 08-08 PDF 10MB Visa and Permit Fee Changes July 2008 No longer relevant
IAC 08-09 PDF 707KB Student Policy Visas and Permits for the length of a course of study Not Current
IAC 08-10 PDF 541KB Prioritisation 06-07 Immigration Programme Superseded
IAC 08-11 PDF 363KB Complaints to Professional Bodies Superseded
IAC 08-12 PDF 1MB Labour Market Tests Superseded
IAC 08-13 PDF 606KB Suspending deleting AMS alerts Not Current
IAC 08-14 PDF 1MB SQ and PAC Special Policies No longer relevant
IAC 08-15 PDF 808KB Best practice guidelines for the handling of Privacy Act requests Superseded
IAC 08-16 PDF 539KB Student Policy- Visas and permits for the length of a course of study Not Current
IAC 09-02 PDF 3MB  Implementation of the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007 No longer relevant 
IAC 09-04 PDF 847KB  Status of non-lawyer employees of law firms under the Immigration Advisers Licensing Act 2007. Superseded 
IAC 09-05 PDF 1MB  Effects of changes in the labour market on work policy. Archived 
IAC 09-06 PDF 536KB Prioritisation 09-10 Immigration Programme and general instructions Superseded
IAC 09-08 PDF 521KB SMC Considerations of EOIs No longer relevant
IAC 09-09 PDF 1MB Communicating with agents Superseded
IAC 09-10 PDF 886KB Cancellation of Removal Orders No longer relevant
IAC 09-11 PDF 2MB Guidance on the process of managing requests from the IAA Superseded
IAC 10-01 PDF 898KB Guidelines for clients with alerts Superseded
IAC 10-02 PDF 2MB Offshore Adviser Licensing Replaced by Instructions
IAC 10-03 PDF 533KB Medical Certificate Changes To be updated
IAC 10-04 PDF 2MB Guidelines for Standard AMS input Not Current
IAC 10-05 PDF 1MB Improving Communication by Template Letter Not Current
IAC 10-06 PDF 3MB Fee Waiver Guidelines To be updated
IAC 10-08 PDF 6MB Updates to the guidelines of fee payments and refunds Superseded
IAC 10-09 PDF 696KB Confidentiality Provisions for Refugee Status Claimant Not Current
IAC 10-10 PDF 703KB Prioritisation 10/11 Immigration Programme Superseded
IAC 10-11 PDF 883KB UNCROC- Further Advice on LPPs for unlawful school age children No longer relevant
IAC 10-13 PDF 2MB Transitioning to the Immigration Act 2009 No longer relevant
IAC 10-14 PDF 532KB Including VoC Fees in the Substantive Application To be updated
IAC 10-19 PDF 1MB Business Processes Not Current
IAC 10-20 PDF 1MB Clarifying what a labour market check (LMC) is and when it is required Archived
IAC 10-21 PDF 727KB s61 Immigration Act 2009 Superseded
IAC 11-01 PDF 1MB Interim Visas Superseded
IAC 11-03 PDF 448KB Emailing Letters To be updated
IAC 11-05 PDF 368KB Clerical Staff of Lawyers To be updated
IAC 11-06 PDF 1MB SMC Changes to Instructions To be updated
IAC 11-09 PDF 888KB Change in approach to TE decision making Replaced by Instructions
IAC 11-10 PDF 727KB Section 61 of the Immigration Act 2009 – Grant of a visa in special case Superseded
IAC 12-04 PDF 724KB Changes to Immigration Health Certificates Medical Referral Guidelines To be updated
IAC 13-05 Guidelines and procedures for exploited migrants Superseded
IAC 13-06 PDF 761KB SMC Parent Category Investor Category Considering EOIs Superseded
IAC 13-07 PDF 664KB Prioritisation Residence Programme 2013-14 Superseded