Using the Visa Verification Service

The Visa Verification Service allows authorised people and organisations to verify a person’s visa details.

Authorise a third-party to check your visa details

If you are a visa holder and provide your details to a third-party, they can use this information to verify your visa using the Visa Verification Service. Providing them with your details implies that you consent to the third party making an enquiry about your visa through the Visa Verification Service.

Examples of when you may wish to use this service are:

  • if a bank wants to verify your visa status to open a bank account
  • if a health provider wants to determine your immigration status
  • to show a travel agent, when organising transit or travel to New Zealand
  • to forward to your sponsor.

Information you need to provide

You will need to provide the third-party with your:

  • family name
  • passport nationality
  • current passport number
  • date of birth
  • gender
  • visa start date.

You can find this information in your visa approval notification or visa label.

The third-party will need to enter this information into the Visa Verification Service exactly as it appears in your current visa.

Information provided to third-parties

The third party service provider will then be able to use these details to see a record of the details of your current visa. The information they will see is:

  • visa type
  • visa start date
  • number of entries
  • INZ client number
  • family and given names
  • gender
  • passport number
  • first entry before date
  • expiry date travel
  • visa expiry
  • passport nationality
  • date of birth
  • visa conditions.

Important information

  1. If you enter identity information relating to any other names/aliases/passports that may be known to INZ (for example, your maiden name or details of a different passport you hold), the enquiry may still be successful. If you use different identity information from that on your current visa, any identity details provided will be those on your current visa.
  2. The Visa Verification Service will not provide information about:
    • your travel movements, eg whether or not you're in New Zealand
    • the status of any current visa applications
    • past visas that have already expired.
  3. If you do not want to provide your details to a third-party, instead you can show them:
    • your passport with a current New Zealand visa label or border stamp
    • your passport and visa approval notification
    • your passport with an Australian permanent resident visa and/or a current resident return visa.

Checking your own visa details

You can check your own visa details using the Visa Verification Service. You will be required to log-in with RealMe and enter the personal and visa details listed above.

To access Visa Verification Service, you need a RealMe account. If you have created a RealMe account somewhere else, you can use it here too.

Login to Visa Verification Service

Create a RealMe account

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