Sharing applications

You can share online visa applications with other people you work with to assist your clients’ applications.

This is usually done by Licensed Immigration Advisers and lawyers who share applications within their organisation or group so they can work efficiently. In Immigration Online we call these sharing groups ‘firms’.

To share applications with your firm, you first need to inform Immigration Online that you are using your account to assist clients. You can do this when you first create an account, or editing your profile by ticking the box next to the text ‘I would like to use this account to manage client applications made by my firm’.

Once your account is set up, you will be able to create firms as required. These may be made to suit applications of a common type or purpose. Choose a suitable name when creating a firm.

The creator of the firm will initially be assigned as the administrator, who can manage the firm. Administrators can invite and remove other users from the firm, and also provide other members with admin permissions.