How to make an online visa application

Learn about applying for visas online, using the forms, uploading documents and photos to show you meet the visa requirements to get a visa decision.

Before you start an application

Check these visa options to make sure you apply for the right one:

Work visas

Study visas

Visit visas

Bring or join family visas

Live permanently visas

Completing your online application form

You need to provide all answers in English. However, a Chinese language version of the Visitor Visa form is available that gives the questions and help-text in Chinese but you must answer questions in English.

You do not need to complete the whole application form at once. You can save it at any time and finish it later.


We still accept paper applications.

Answer questions in any order

You must complete the 2 pages at the start of the online application first because this information determines what questions appear on the rest of the form. Once they are completed, you can answer the rest of the questions in any order you like. 

Free-text box for comments on questions

Free-text boxes are in the online forms so you can enter additional information.

Move between pages and saving the information

You can move between pages by selecting ‘Continue’ or by clicking another section title.

The information on your application form is saved when you move to a different section. But if you stay in one section without entering any information for 30 minutes, you will be logged out and any information you entered will be lost.

How you know when your form is complete

All required questions must be answered before you submit your finished application. You will not be able to submit it without answering all the questions.

Cancelling your application

If you do not want to complete an application, you can delete it by selecting ‘Cancel’ in the form.

Uploading documents and photos

You will need to upload documents and photos to show us that you meet our visa requirements. You need to provide:

  • an acceptable photo of yourself
  • medical and police certificates in English
  • supporting documents in English – as well as the original or certified copies of those documents.

Translating supporting documents into English

Translation service

File formats for documents and photographs

Acceptable visa photos

Sharing your application

You can share online visa applications with a trusted third party, like a licensed immigration adviser (LIA) or immigration lawyer, or friend or family member.

LIAs and other organisations can also create groups to share applications within so that more than one staff member can work on an application.

The way to share applications in Immigration Online is changing. While we update our systems there will be 2 ways to share a visa application depending on the type of visa you are applying for.

Sharing in the existing Immigration Online system

To share your application, select the 'Share' button on the right of the listed application within your MyAccount. You can do this at any time, whether it is in draft, submitted or decided.

Once you have selected 'Share', select the role of the person you are sharing with and enter their email address. You will receive a confirmation code which you need to write down and give to them, for example by phone or text.

When you share an application, you may want to change the primary contact you identified on the form so that Immigration New Zealand can send any updates or requests to that person.

Sharing in the enhanced Immigration Online system

In the enhanced Immigration Online system, you are automatically allocated a sharing ID that you can give to other people so they can see your application. If you have a sponsor or supporting partner, they are also allocated a sharing ID to link them to your application.

If you want to share a draft visa application, you will need to ask the person you want to share with to create or log on to an Immigration Online account. That person can then copy their Sharing ID from their dashboard and send this to you.


If the person has previously been a user of our Immigration Online system, they will need to create a new account now to access their sharing ID.  

In your own Immigration Online dashboard, there will be an option to share the application in the ’Options’ column. When the sharing screen pops up, type the person’s name, sharing ID, and email address (optional but recommended). 

Select ’Share’, and the system will share the application to that person’s account. If an email was provided, we will email the person to advise them an application has been shared to them. We will also email the primary contact for the application.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you manage access to applications appropriately. You should be aware that any third party you share an application with will have the same access to your application as you do

 Third parties you share your application with can:

  • view your visa application and any associated information including documents you provide, and current and future notifications from INZ, for example if the visa is approved or declined, and the reasons for the decision
  • edit the visa application if it is still in draft
  • withdraw or submit the visa application
  • share the application with other people.

Submitting your online application

After you submit your application:

  • you will see a confirmation message on the screen saying that we have received it
  • it might still show as ‘Submitting’ for a short time — this means it is still being transferred to our online system for processing
  • it cannot be changed but you can see it in your account page
  • you cannot view the progress of your application
  • you will be notified of our decision.

Supply additional documents after submission

After we receive your application, we may ask you to provide more documents or information. You will see a letter in your online account and we will also contact you by email.

To upload additional documents to your application form after submission:

  • log in to your account
  • select the application in the Submitted tab
  • select 'Upload additional document'.

The document will appear in the 'Additional documents' section in a few hours.

Paying the application fee

You must pay the fees before you submit your application. We accept Visa, Mastercard and UnionPay credit and debit cards.

VAC service fee

If you are applying online, you must pay a Visa Application Centre (VAC) service fee if your passport needs to be sent to a VAC for processing in the country you are applying from. This fee is not the same for all countries. However, it does not cost as much as the full application fee.

Online application fee