Applying for a visa online

Find out how to register for our online systems, and apply for a visa online.

Visas you can apply for online

You can apply for most visas online. This includes uploading documents, photographs and also paying application fees.

Online visa application process

Visas you must apply for online

You must apply online for the following visas.

  • Accredited Employer Work Visa
  • Active Investor Plus Residence Visa
  • Care Workforce Work to Residence Visa
  • Permanent Resident Visa – unless an exception applies
  • Transport Work to Residence Visa
  • Second or Subsequent Resident Visa
  • Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa
  • Straight to Residence Resident Visa
  • Visitor Visa — if you are from a Pacific Islands Forum country (excluding Australia)
    Pacific Islands Forum
  • Work to Residence Visa
  • Working holiday visas — unless you have a current working holiday visa and are applying for a new 1.
    Working holiday visas

Other applications you must make online

  • Variation of Travel Conditions on a Resident Visa

We provide these lists on our website as required by regulation 23AA(2) of the Immigration (Visa, Entry Permission, and Related Matters) Regulations 2010.

Permanent Resident Visa exceptions — applications that do not need to be made online

You must make your application using a paper form if you are applying for 1 of the following permanent resident visas.

Global Impact Visa

Check the visa information page to learn more about how to apply.

Global Impact Permanent Residence Visa

Afghan Emergency Resettlement

Check the visa information page to learn more about how to apply.

Residence pathway for Afghan evacuees

Other permanent resident visas

The following categories are paper based applications and cannot be made through the online system. To apply under these categories, you must either be referred to us by UNHCR or nominated by an approved sponsor.

  • Refugee Emergency
  • Refugee Quota Family Reunification
  • CORS Refugee and Protection
  • UNHCR Family Reunification
  • UNHCR Legal and Physical Protection Needs
  • UNHCR Medical/Disabled
  • UNHCR Women at Risk

Help with online applications

Find help on completing an online application, and how to get advice.

Applying for your visa online