Information about Private Yacht or Plane Visitor Visa

You can travel to New Zealand on a private yacht or aircraft. If you’ll be using commercial transport to leave New Zealand, you must have a travel ticket or enough money to buy one. If you’ll be living on board a yacht, you’ll need to have NZ $400 to live on for each month of your stay.


Up to 3 months

All conditions

With this visa you can

  • Visit New Zealand on a private yacht or aircraft.
  • Travel in and out of New Zealand for up to 3 months.
  • Include your partner, and dependent children aged 19 and under, in your visa application.

Things to note

  • You’ll need to contact New Zealand Customs Service for information about what to do before you fly in or arrive by sea.
  • You can’t work in New Zealand on a visitor visa.

New Zealand Customs Service

Check that you meet the detailed criteria.

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