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Genuine intentions to visit, study or work in New Zealand

Before you can get a visa or enter New Zealand to visit, work or study we check that your reasons for coming here are genuine.


What genuine intentions are

Evidence to include with your application

How we make a decision

If we decide your intentions are not genuine

What genuine intentions are

When you travel to New Zealand on a temporary visa you must have genuine reasons for visiting that match what you tell us in your application.

We use all the information we have, including the information you give us in your application to confirm that you:


You must answer truthfully when you complete your visa application, arrival card or traveller declaration.

Visitor visas

If you are travelling on a visitor visa or visiting from a visa waiver country, your reasons for coming to New Zealand can include:

If you have a special visitor visa, you must visit for the specific reason your visa was granted. For example, if you have a Medical Treatment Visitor Visa, you can only visit to get medical treatment.

Evidence to include with your application

Here are some examples of evidence that you can include in your application, that help show you have genuine intentions to visit New Zealand.

Evidence of your travel history

Provide a copy of your current and recent passports, including:

If you live in a different country to your citizenship

If you live in a country that is not your country of citizenship, provide a copy of the visa allowing you to live in that country.

Declined visa applications

If you have ever had a visa application declined by any other country, provide:

Evidence you are visiting family or friends

If you plan to visit family or friends in New Zealand, provide their:

Evidence of your travel plans

Provide evidence of your plans while in New Zealand. This could include copies of:

Evidence of your home country circumstances

Provide evidence of your work, study and living arrangements. This will help us decide if you are likely to return to your home country at the end of your visit.

Depending on your circumstances, you could include:

Provide good quality evidence

Include all the evidence that you want us to consider. We decide each case based on the information and evidence provided. If you do not provide enough evidence it may take us longer to process your application, or we may decline your application.

You must provide genuine evidence. If you or your agent provide counterfeit evidence or false information, we may decline your application.

If your evidence is not in English provide a translated copy, as this will help us to process your application faster.

Providing English translations of supporting documents

If you are applying online make sure your evidence is in an acceptable file format.

File formats for uploading documents and photographs

False, misleading or withheld information in visa applications

How we make a decision

To decide if you have genuine intentions, we look at:

Evidence you provide with your application

We look at evidence you provide with your application to check it:

Your personal circumstances

When we assess information about your personal circumstances, we look at:

Your previous applications

We look at information from your previous applications and travel to New Zealand. This can tell us if you have:

If we decide your intentions are not genuine

We may not grant you a visa or allow you to enter New Zealand if we:

If you are refused entry to New Zealand