Information about Dependent Child Student Visa

Dependent children of certain kinds of work and student visa holders can apply for a student visa to allow them to go school while their parents work or study in New Zealand. The children can be treated as domestic students, which means they don’t have to pay tuition fees to go to a primary or secondary school.


A dependent child can stay for the same length of time as their parent’s visa.

19 and under

All conditions

With this visa you can

  • A dependent child can join their parent in New Zealand.
  • A dependent child can study at a primary or secondary school in New Zealand.
  • A dependent child can be treated as a domestic student, which means you don’t have to pay tuition fees for them to go to school.

Things to note

  • If your child wants to study at tertiary level, they should apply for a ‘Fee Paying Student Visa’ instead.

Fee Paying Student Visa

  • Some work visa holders are not eligible to support applications for this visa

Find out if you are eligible to support your child's visa

  • Dependent children of Student Visa holders are only eligible for this visa if one of their parents is in New Zealand for an approved student exchange scheme, is enrolled in a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme in a New Zealand university, or has a New Zealand Aid Programme Scholarship.

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