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Can I use an old application form?

To check the version of the form you are using, look for the month and year printed at the bottom of the front page.

Please check the spreadsheet on the ‘Application forms and guides’ section of our website to see if we will still accept an older version of a form.

Previous editions of forms that are acceptable

We update our forms to reflect changes made to Immigration Instructions. The forms that are available for download from the website are the latest versions of that form. Using the most recent version of the form means that it is more likely to be accepted by Immigration New Zealand, and that the information you provide is relevant to the type of visa that you are applying for.

If you use an expired version of a form when applying, your application is likely to be delayed or returned to you.

If you are applying in person at a Visa Application Centre (VAC) and have an out-of-date application form, you will be asked to complete a new form.

If you send your application to a VAC by mail or courier and have submitted an old version of a form, you may be contacted to submit a new form before your application is accepted.