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When you recruit migrant employees there is a lot you need to learn about each other. Use these resources to plan your recruitment and manage your new employee’s arrival into your workforce.

Communicating with migrant employees


We designed Worktalk to help improve communication between New Zealand employers or managers and new migrant employees from other cultures.

Worktalk: NZ Workplace Communication

The Employer Toolkit

Ten handy flip cards highlight the differences in communication styles between Kiwis and other cultures. Understanding the differences will reduce the potential for incorrect first impressions.

The Employer Toolkit PDF 2MB

Employer toolkit: Pacific migrants

A set of 12 cards for employers with practical advice for helping Pacific migrants settle in to the workplace.

The Employer toolkit | Pacific migrants PDF 2MB

Understanding migration

The settlement curve

The settlement curve is an easy-to-follow outline of the six stages most new migrants go through. Understanding the curve can help both the employer and employee manage the stages as a natural part of a successful settlement.

The workplace settlement model

The model is a simple diagram that illustrates how the different parts of a migrant employee’s new life will fit together. You can support your employee to become a high-performing staff member.

All new employees require integrating into your workplace, but new migrant employees are also trying to get to grips with integrating into New Zealand.

To get the best from them, you can support their efforts to integrate into the community as well as your workplace. Building a sense of belonging for them and their family will lead to a well-settled, high-performing employee.

The Settlement Curve and Workplace Settlement Model PDF 698KB

A welcome that works

View a 6-minute video that introduces how to settle an employee well. It’s an excellent resource to play to a workforce before a new migrant arrives.

Migrant retention: A welcome that works 

Resources for specific industries

Aged care

This guide contains information about some of the differences and insights that will help you settle your new migrant workers into your workplace and maximise their contribution.

Are you employing migrant workers in Aged Care? PDF 2MB


New migrant workers may need some extra support from their employers, particularly at the start. This guide sets out what you need to know.

Are you employing migrant construction workers? PDF 2MB


Practical tips and tools to help employers who recruit migrant workers into the dairy industry.

Are you recruiting migrant workers? A guide for dairy farmers PDF 5MB


Work is such an important part of many new migrants’ lives here, and you, as an employer, have a key part to play. This guide will help you support migrant staff so they want to stay and contribute further to the success of your business.

Are you employing migrant workers in Hospitality? PDF 2MB

Are you employing migrant workers in Hospitality - Korean PDF 3MB

Are you employing migrant workers in Hospitality - Simplified Chinese PDF 3MB

Resources for your employees

If you want further settlement resources, we have resources and websites for your migrant staff.

Resources for your employees