Applying for the Accredited Employer Work Visa

Once your employer has been accredited for the Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) and has an approved job check the employer can ask you to apply for an AEWV.

Before you come to New Zealand

Before issuing a AEWV we will check:

  • you are applying for a job check approved job
  • you have the required skills and experience for the job
  • you are of good health and character
  • you have a valid employment agreement.

Your employer must provide you with an example of the employment agreement and a copy of the signed employment offer.

This agreement must comply with New Zealand labour laws and clearly show you the location, pay and working conditions for the job. It must be a genuine job.

Your employer must pay all costs and fees inside and outside New Zealand for your recruitment. You may have to pay for the visa application and airfares.

When and how you can apply

Applications for the AEWV open on 4 July 2022. The application must be made using our online form once applications open.

You cannot apply for a visa until your employer is accredited and has an approved job check. Once they have done these things, they can ask you to apply for the AEWV.

The employer will provide you with a job token with a unique number linking you to the specific job they have offered you. The token is for one-time use only. You include the token number in your visa application.

Visa duration

An AEWV may be granted for the period for which the employment is offered, up to a maximum of 3 years.

From December 2022, most partners of temporary migrant workers will need to qualify for their own AEWV.

Evidence we may want about you

When you apply for an AEWV you may need to provide us with information to show you have an acceptable standard of health.

You must be able to show you are of good character.

You may need to provide police certificates to show your good character.

The online application form will tell you what health and character information you must provide.

Evidence we may want about your job

The skills and experience you show in your visa application must match the skills and experience the employer told us was required as part of their job check application.

Evidence may include but is not limited to:

  • curriculum vitae (CV)
  • qualification evidence
  • references.

If you have shown skills and experience in a previous AEWV application, or in past work visa applications, or by holding occupational registration, you will not need to provide evidence again.

Your application must include a copy of the employment agreement, and a copy of the signed offer of employment from your employer. The signed offer of employment does not have to be a separate document to the employment agreement, as long as it is signed by you and the employer.


If the job is for a chef, the applicant must have a certificate at NZQF Level 4 or higher, which includes the credit and knowledge requirements of a New Zealand Certificate in Cookery (Level 4). Overseas qualifications must be comparable to the standard of the New Zealand qualification.

Your employer's obligations

Migrant workers have the same rights as New Zealand workers.

Rights and responsibilities | Employment New Zealand

Your employer must comply with New Zealand employment laws and standards.

They must ensure you are well settled in the community and are able to report any breaches of your rights.

Settlement support in New Zealand

Your AEWV employer must provide support for your stay in New Zealand to do the job you have been hired for.

You must be given work-related settlement information within one month of starting your employment including:

  • how to get an Inland Revenue (IRD) number
  • relevant industry training and qualification information and options
  • specific job or industry hazards
  • accommodation options
  • transport options
  • cost of living
  • how to access healthcare services
  • Citizens Advice Bureau services
  • information about relevant community groups like religious or migrant groups.

Employee learning modules

Your AEWV employer must allow you time to complete all of Employment New Zealand's most recent online employee modules on employment rights during paid work hours, within one month of your employment starting.

Your employer must keep records of all of the modules being completed.

Online employment learning modules | Employment New Zealand

AEWV fees

Migrant application for AEWV — NZD $540.

Immigration levy paid by migrant worker — NZD $55.

Reconsideration of a declined migrant AEWV application — NZD $220.

Variation of conditions — NZD $190.

Remaining in New Zealand on an AEWV

If you are currently living and working in New Zealand, you can continue to work under the conditions of your current visa until it expires or you no longer meet the conditions of the visa.

If you wish to remain in New Zealand after your visa expires by applying for an AEWV, you will need to find a job paying at or above the median wage. The employer will need to be accredited with an approved job check, like any other AEWV application.

Some migrant workers who are currently paid below the median wage may qualify for the 2021 Resident Visa if they meet the scarce or settled criteria.

2021 Resident Visa

Variation of conditions

If you already have an AEWV you can apply for a new visa, or a variation of conditions to change jobs if you meet the skills of the new role, or to change employers or place of employment.

Application for a variation of conditions for work visa holders