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Check if an employer is accredited

Use this searchable tool to check if an employer is an accredited employer.

What you can search for

You can use this tool to check if an employer is currently accredited or not, if you:

Visas that require you to work for an accredited employer

Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV)

Partner of a Worker Work Visa

Straight to Residence Visa

How to use this tool

You will need information to identify the employer. This may be their:

The NZBN is a 13-digit number. You must enter all 13 digits in the search field.

If searching by an employer’s company or trading name, enter at least the first 3 characters.

If you cannot find an employer listed

This database is updated as employers join the accreditation programme or renew their accreditation status. Some employers have chosen not to be published in the search results, check with the employer to find out if they are accredited or not.


The list of employers is updated daily.