How to prevent delays with your application

Being fully prepared and planning ahead will help ensure your application does not need to be sent back to you for more information. So check all your documents and read all available application guidance.

Check you have everything

Make sure you include all the information and documents we ask for. Find out whether you need to include certified copies, originals or photocopies of your documents.

If you are submitting a residence application you will need to provide English translations for all documents.

For temporary entry applications (for example, to study or visit) you must provide us with an English translation of your police certificate and a medical certificate completed in English.

To avoid delays and ensure your visa is processed as quickly as possible, you should also provide us with English translations of all other key supporting documents – as well as the original or certified copies of those documents.

Translating supporting documents into English

Plan ahead

If you are coming to New Zealand on a temporary visa and think you may later want to apply for residence, you should check what documents you might need and how you can obtain them (for example, police certificates). The residence application form will contain information about whether you’ll need to bring original or certified copies of your documents.

You can also search on our homepage for specific visa information. Enter a visa name into the 'Apply for' box in the middle of the homepage.

Search for specific visa information

Check your passport

Make sure your passport is valid for at least 3 months after you intend to leave New Zealand. If your passport is lost or expired, you can’t apply for a visa until you replace it.

Apply for your visa in time

Visa applications take time to be decided. You should allow sufficient time for your visa application to be decided when making travel plans or applying for a further visa while in New Zealand. If your visa expires while you’re in New Zealand, you will be unlawfully in New Zealand and under a legal obligation to leave. If you want to apply for another visa, you must apply, and allow enough time to have it processed, before your current visa expires.