Skilled Residence and Residence from Work application processing

Processing information about Skilled Residence and Residence from Work applications.

What we report

Immigration New Zealand has 1 queue for skilled residence and Residence from Work applications. The applications in this queue are not split into 2 separate queues based on the application category.

The queue includes applications made by people inside and outside New Zealand.

Application data

As of 18 March 2024, the oldest unallocated application in the skilled residence general queue was received on 23 November 2023. The priority applications are in flow and applications are being allocated as soon as they are received.

This page is updated fortnightly.

Total number of unallocated skilled residence applications as of 18 March 2024

Queue Number of applications
General 264
Priority 0

Download more information about the number of unallocated skilled residence applications and monthly allocation data:

Skilled residence applications data PDF 245KB

Skilled residence queue data is subject to changes over time for reasons such as:

  • applications moving between queues due to a change in an applicant’s circumstances
  • applications withdrawn and decided under a different visa category
  • applications are going through the Employment Visa Escalation (EVE) process
  • staff workload capacity
  • business and operational priorities.

How we process applications

Applications are generally allocated and processed in the order we receive them, from oldest to newest. Some applications are placed in a priority queue if they meet a certain criterion. Applications in the priority queue are allocated to officers first.

Residence applications take longer to process as they require additional checks and information from applicants.

Skilled residence application processing priorities

Priority will be given to these skilled residence applications: 

  • Straight to Residence Visa
  • Skilled Migrant Category Category Resident Visa
  • Work to Residence Visa

How skilled residence applications will be prioritised

For a skilled residence application to be prioritised, the applicant will need to be either:

  • in a Tier 1 Green List role, or
  • paid 3 times the median wage, or
  • applying for the Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa and have 6 points without work experience.

Prioritisation means that immigration officers will assess these applications before other skilled residence applications. Once the applications have been allocated, assessment and verification is the same as all other skilled residence applications.

There is no cap on the number of skilled residence visas that can be granted, and all visas will be granted to applicants who meet the relevant immigration requirements.

Green List roles

How long it takes to process applications