Travellers who do not need an NZeTA

Visa holders and some other travellers do not need an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) before they travel to New Zealand.

Who does not need an NZeTA

You do not need an NZeTA if you are:

  • a New Zealand citizen travelling on:
    • a New Zealand passport, or
    • a foreign passport that has a New Zealand citizen endorsement
  • an Australian citizen travelling on an Australian passport
  • a holder of a valid visa for New Zealand — including a Permanent Resident Visa
  • a member of, or someone associated with, a scientific programme or expedition under the Contracting Party to the Antarctic Treaty
  • a member of a visiting force, including one of its civilian employees, travelling in the ordinary course of your employment or duty.

If you need a citizen endorsement

A New Zealand citizen endorsement is a label in your foreign passport or an electronic record linked to that passport's number. If you travel to another country, it lets you return to New Zealand on your foreign passport. To apply for an endorsement you must be a New Zealand citizen.

I am a New Zealand citizen but travel on my foreign passport