Information about 2021 Resident Visa

If you were in New Zealand on 29 September 2021, you may be able to get this visa if you have an eligible work visa and you either have lived in New Zealand for the past 3 or more years, earn at or above the median wage, or work in a role on a scarce list.



All conditions

With this visa you can

  • Live, work, and study in New Zealand.
  • Include your partner, and dependent children aged 24 and under in your visa application.

Things to note

  • You must have a valid passport to apply online.
  • If you arrive in New Zealand as a critical health worker or other critical worker for a longer term role you may be eligible without meeting settled, skilled or scarce criteria.
  • If you have already submitted a Skilled Migrant Category Expression of Interest (EOI) or Residence from Work application you will only have to pay the difference between what you have already paid and cost of the 2021 Resident Visa, provided you withdraw your previous application or EOI. If you have submitted a Skilled Migrant Category application, you will be refunded the difference if you withdraw your previous application.
  • Use the ‘add applicant’ feature to add any family members you wish to include in this application before you submit and pay for your application.
  • If you begin completing your application and realise you do not have all the information you need, you can save your application as a draft and return to it later.

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