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How do I apply for a further visitor visa if I wish to stay longer in New Zealand?

If you wish to stay in New Zealand longer than your visitor visa allows, you must apply for a further visitor visa before your current one expires.

If you initially applied for a visitor visa to travel to New Zealand, the process to extend a visitor visa is the same as when applying for it the first time. If you originally travelled to New Zealand under our visa waiver scheme, the application process to extend your visa is different.

Apply for a visitor visa

People holding a visitor visa are limited to a maximum stay in New Zealand as a visitor (generally up to a maximum of nine months in an 18-month period).

How long can I stay as a visitor?

If you have reached your maximum time, more time on a visitor visa may be considered in the following circumstances:

  • you are a genuine tourist who requires no more than an additional 3 months to complete your itinerary; or 
  • you are applying for a visitor visa under a special category of visitor visa instructions which allows a longer stay in New Zealand; or
  • you cannot leave New Zealand because of circumstances beyond your control (evidence will be required); or 
  • you have lodged a first-time application for residence that has been accepted for processing and a decision is unlikely during the validity of your existing visa (up to a total stay of 12 months on a visitor visa, including previous visitor visas).