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How do I apply for a further Visitor Visa if I wish to stay longer in New Zealand?

If you wish to stay in New Zealand longer than your Visitor Visa allows, you must apply for a further Visitor Visa before your current one expires.

Apply for a Visitor Visa

The process to extend a visitor visa is the same as when applying for it the first time. 

People holding a Visitor Visa are limited to a maximum stay in New Zealand as a visitor.

If you have reached your maximum time, more time on a visitor visa may only be considered in the following circumstances:

  • you are a genuine tourist who requires no more than an additional 3 months to complete your itinerary, or 
  • you are applying for a visitor visa under a special category of visitor policy which allows a longer stay in New Zealand; or
  • you cannot leave New Zealand because of circumstances beyond your control (evidence will be required), or 
  • you have lodged a first-time application for resident visa that has been accepted for consideration, and a decision is unlikely during the currency of the existing visa (allowing a maximum stay of 12 months, counting the time already spent on a visitor visa)