Can I look after a child in New Zealand who has a student visa?

If you are the parent or legal guardian of a student enrolling in school years 1 to 13, or who is aged 17 years or younger, you may be issued a Guardian of a Student visitor visa so you can live with and care for the student. 

You would be lodging a visitor visa application with evidence that you meet the guardianship policy requirements. 

You can find information about applying for the Guardian of a Student visitor visa, including the requirements, on our website.

Guardian of a Student visitor visa

If a guardian wants to work or study part time, they may apply for a variation of conditions to study/work between the hours of 9:30am and 2:30pm Monday to Friday (inclusive). The guardian will have to provide the employment contract or job offer with the application, in order to show the hours of employment.

Variation of conditions

A person in New Zealand holding a Guardian of a Student visitor visa cannot apply for an Essential Skills work visa, Specific Purpose or Event work visa or a student visa.

If the guardian needs to travel offshore for an emergency situation the student can apply for a variation of conditions to their student visa to temporarily exempt them from the requirement to live with their guardian in New Zealand.

Variation of conditions