Check if you are eligible to apply for the 2021 Resident Visa

This tool shows if you may be eligible for the 2021 Resident Visa.

This is not an application form. You will need to apply using the approved form that will be available in two phases starting 1 December 2021. Your eligibility will be determined when we consider your application.


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If you held one of the visas below on 29 September 2021, then select that from the list.

If you did not hold one of those visas but you have applied for one of the visas in the below list on or before 29 September 2021, select the visa you have applied for, not the visa you currently hold.

Critical Purpose Visa holders may have been granted their visa after 29 September 2021. Select Critical Purpose Visa from the drop down list below to see if you might be eligible. Critical Purpose visas include Critical Purpose Visitor Visas and eligible work visas granted or varied under the Critical Purpose instructions.


If you are on an interim visa, and your application for a visa is in process, select the visa you have applied for.


If you were granted this visa to complete a Competence Assessment Programme (CAP) and obtain occupational registration as a nurse in New Zealand, you must show you passed your CAP and secured occupational registration to be eligible.


You need to have arrived in New Zealand on or before 29 September 2018 and have spent a minimum of 821 days in New Zealand between 29 September 2018 and 29 September 2021 (inclusive). The time spent in New Zealand does not need to be consecutive. There is no minimum amount within a calendar year.


At the time you apply, you must also earn at or above NZD $27 an hour or have a job on one of the list of scarce occupations instead.


At the time you apply, your job must still be on one of the list of scarce occupations, or you can earn at or above NZD $27 an hour instead.
2021 Resident Visa scarce lists