Check if you can get a refund

Immigration New Zealand will be lapsing or returning certain temporary visa applications which cannot be processed due to New Zealand’s current border restrictions. The application fees and levies for these applications will be refunded.

This tool helps show if your application will be lapsed or returned by Immigration New Zealand, and if you will have your application fee and levies refunded. It is anonymous and is not connected to your personal record.

If you are eligible for a refund, you do not need to do anything. Immigration New Zealand will contact you. If you have already been contacted by Immigration New Zealand you do not need to use this form.

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A General Visitor Visa sponsored by a New Zealand citizen or resident is not: 'A temporary visa based on being a partner or child’

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You must have notified Immigration New Zealand in writing before 30 June 2021 that you would still like your visa to be processed. 

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