Your checklist to plan ahead

Being well prepared for the arrival of your new migrant employee can make a big difference. It can help them settle into work, be more productive and enjoy their new life in New Zealand.

A happy, well-settled migrant is a happy and productive employee who is more likely to remain loyal. You can help by providing your new employee and their family with information and insight into living and working in New Zealand.

Before arrival

  • Prepare a welcome kit, about working and living in New Zealand to send to your new employee in their home country
  • Make sure you have a written job description and/or a list of tasks to give to your new employee
  • Prepare written information about how your business operates – staff, structure and roles, lines of communication, hours of work, use of internet/email etc
  • Check that their accommodation and transport is organised
  • Arrange for someone to meet them when they arrive
  • Prepare your existing employees for your new employee’s arrival
  • Arrange for someone at work to act as their ‘buddy’ or mentor
  • Tell your migrant employee about NZ Ready – Immigration New Zealand’s free online planning tool for migrants moving to New Zealand
  • Gain an understanding of the values and work styles of your new employee’s culture
  • Find out  about their culture and religious beliefs and prepare information on local cultural groups or places of worship
  • Allow for some time off for your new employee in their first week so they can organise their home life (e.g. their bank account, transport)
  • Organise a tour of the local area for them

On arrival

  • Ensure you have their written employment agreement on hand and provide your employee with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment helpline – 0800 20 90 20 – so that they can get assistance if necessary
  • If you are providing them with accommodation, show them around their new home and explain how things work
  • Ensure they have the right clothing they need for their work
  • Ensure they are sorted for transport to work
  • Check they have all the information they need about the local community and that they have contact details for local settlement information services
  • Go through their welcome kit with them and check if they have any questions

First day at work

  • Welcome your new employee
  • Make sure they have met their immediate supervisor and their ‘buddy’ or mentor
  • Introduce them to other team members
  • Take them on a tour of the workplace
  • Give them the documents you have prepared about their new workplace and their job. Talk them through any instructions and ask them if they have any questions
  • Show them how to use any unfamiliar equipment/technology
  • Explain any workplace etiquette – e.g. use of the kitchen
  • Set up regular meetings with your new migrant employee and their buddy to help them settle into the workplace

Next days

  • Organise any on-the-job or off-site training
  • Make sure your employee knows it is fine to ask questions
  • Organise some social activities for your new employee and their family
  • Think about how you are communicating with them

Workplace communication and culture

Support your migrant staff to help their productivity