Meeting your AEWV accredited employer obligations

You need to continue to meet the commitments made as part of your accreditation application, as well as the usual legislative requirements for employers.

Your obligations as an Accredited Employer Work Visa (AEWV) employer

To get and keep your accreditation, you must:

  • meet the commitments you made during your application to be an accredited employer
  • comply with New Zealand employment laws and standards, and with the Immigration Act 2009.

How to apply for AEWV employer accreditation

Extra requirements for controlling third party accreditation

You and key people in your business must not have:

  • employed a migrant who did not have the right visa or visa conditions to work in that role
  • provided false or misleading information to us
  • been involved in immigration breaches in other businesses
  • been banned from acting as a director
  • been subject to a stand-down period for breaching minimum employment standards or committing immigration offences
  • been permanently banned from sponsoring work visas for committing serious immigration offences.

Post-accreditation checks

We aim to check a proportion of accredited employers each year. These checks are to make sure you are continuing to meet your obligations.

Guide to post-accreditation checks

If you are not meeting your employment obligations

We expect accredited employers to take their responsibilities seriously and comply with AEWV conditions.

If we believe you are not meeting your obligations, we send you a letter outlining our concerns and ask you for your feedback.

We then assess your feedback and decide if any further action is required. The further action required depends on the significance of our findings. If the issue is minor, we may give suggestions for improvement. Major issues can result in a stand-down period, legal proceedings, fines, or a permanent ban from supporting migrants on work visas.

Non-compliance, stand-downs and permanent bans for accredited employers

If you have concerns about an accredited employer

Anybody with concerns about employers who are not complying with the law can help us take action.

Report an offence