Refugee settlement health assessments

Information and forms for physicians doing refugee settlement health assessments.

Physicians should offer voluntary settlement health assessments to all refugees who have been granted a visa for New Zealand residency. Use these forms and resources to help you during immigration medical examinations.

Settlement health form instructions

Follow these instructions when completing settlement health assessment forms:

New Zealand Immigration Settlement Health Instructions (INZ 1263) PDF 703KB

Settlement health assessment forms

Use these forms as required to complete the settlement health assessments.

Settlement Health Assessment (INZ 1260) PDF 2MB 

Departure Health Check (INZ 1262) PDF 2MB

Settlement Vaccinations (INZ 1251) PDF 341KB

Decline Consent in Absentia (INZ 1254) PDF 225KB

Absent Vaccination Documentation Record (INZ 1253) PDF 221KB

Settlement Additional Information (INZ 1364) PDF 220KB 

Immunisation information

The Ministry of Health handbook provides clinical guidelines for health professionals who are providing and planning catch up for the New Zealand Immunisation Schedule.

Immunisation Handbook 2020 | Ministry of Health

Planning Immunisation Catch-Ups | Ministry of health 

RUDAS information

If a cognitive assessment is needed, use the Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale (RUDAS).

RUDAS Dementia Screening Form PDF 116KB

RUDAS Administration Guide PDF 457KB

Tuberculosis guidelines

The Ministry of Health has guidelines on diagnosing, treating and managing patients who have TB.

Guidelines for Tuberculosis Control in New Zealand | Ministry of Health