Immigration instructions

Immigration instructions are rules, criteria and requirements set out in the Operational Manual. People who want to come to New Zealand must follow these instructions to be granted a visa or entry permission.

We use immigration instructions to make decisions about visa applications.

The immigration instructions are contained in the Operational Manual, and include information about:

  • the rules and criteria that people must meet to be granted a visa
  • the evidence that people must provide to show they meet the criteria
  • the processes we follow to assess and verify visa applications.

The Minister of Immigration certifies all immigration instructions.

The amendments to immigration instructions can be found in the amendment circular section of the website:

Policy Amendment Circulars 

We will update the Operational Manual as soon as possible.

Operational Manual

Operational Manual  |  Current online version

Operational Manual  |  Effective to 29 November 2010

Changes to immigration instructions

We update immigration instructions regularly to reflect changes in government policy. The Minister of Immigration certifies all changes.

We include changes to instructions in the Amendment Circulars. These describe changes to the Operational Manual the Minister of Immigration has certified.

More information about our decision-making is available in:

  • Internal Administration Circulars, which describe changes to the procedures and processes that INZ staff follow
  • Advice to staff, which contain information about how to interpret instructions in the Operational Manual, and how to make correct and fair decisions.

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