Update or withdraw your Parent Resident Visa expression of interest (EOI)

If you made an expression of interest (EOI) for this visa before the visa restarted on 12 October 2022 you can update it or withdraw it.

The Parent Resident Visa restarted on 12 October 2022 with different requirements for sponsors:

  • Sponsors will now need to earn 1.5 times the New Zealand median wage, and this limit will increase by half the median wage for each joint sponsor or additional parent.
  • Two adult children, not just an adult child and their partner, can now jointly sponsor a parent.

Other requirements for the Parent Resident Visa have not changed.

We started selecting EOIs from the existing queue on 14 November 2022.

You can choose to:

  • update your EOI to meet the new requirements
  • withdraw your EOI and apply for a refund of your EOI fee.

To update your EOI

Complete the Parent Category Expression of Interest Update Form and email it to us. You can use the Parent Category Guide to help you update your EOI.

Parent Category Expression of Interest Update Form (INZ 1249) PDF 928KB


Parent Category Guide (INZ 1207) PDF 413KB

Including your partner's details in the form

If your partner’s details have changed, fill out section B of the form with their new details. If their details have not changed you do not need to fill this out.


If you are including your partner in your EOI, tick Yes in question A18 on the form. If you do not include them in your EOI, they will not be able to apply for residence based on your partnership later.

To withdraw your EOI and ask for a refund

Complete the Customer Refund Request Form.

  1. In Section A 'Applicant Information', fill in the details of the person who submitted the EOI — not their sponsor — and get them to sign it.
  2. In Section C, explain the reason for the refund.
  3. In Section D, include the details of the bank account that the EOI fee was paid from and evidence of the bank account — like a bank statement or screen shot of your online bank account. If you want the refund to be paid into another person’s account, the person who originally paid the EOI must write us an email or letter saying they agree.

The easiest way to get a refund is to provide a New Zealand bank account number with your refund form. Refunds to bank accounts outside New Zealand take longer and you may have to pay processing fees to your bank.

Email or send the form to us.

Customer Refund Request Form (INZ 1183) PDF 499KB


Immigration New Zealand
PO Box 76895
Manukau 2241
New Zealand

We expect to get a lot of refund requests and we cannot say how long it will take us to process your request. We will process them in the order we receive them.

If you do not withdraw your EOI

It will remain in the EOI queue based on the date it was accepted.

If your EOI is selected it will be assessed against the new requirements, and if we decline it you will not get a refund of your EOI fee.

Other visa options available to parents and grandparents

Parents of New Zealand citizens and residents can apply for residence under the Parent Retirement Resident Visa. Applicants need to be able to invest specific amounts of money in New Zealand.

Parent Retirement Resident Visa

Parents and grandparents can also apply for a Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa. This is a 3-year visa that comes with multiple-entry travel conditions.

Parent and Grandparent Visitor Visa