Managing your acceptable investments

You need to keep your funds invested in New Zealand for the length of time set out in your visa conditions.

When your investment period begins

If we decide the funds you name in your visa application are already in acceptable investments, your investment period begins on the day we write to you to let you know your application has been approved in principle.

If you transfer your funds into an acceptable investment after we approve your application in principle, the investment period begins on the date you have transferred and invested all of the required investment funds.

2-year check on investments

After the 2-year anniversary of your investment date we check your investments to make sure they are still acceptable. You need to submit proof of your investments at this time, which may include:

  • an updated portfolio valuation report for all your investments as at the 2-year anniversary
  • a letter from your bank or financial institution confirming the amount of your investments in New Zealand
  • sale and purchase reports for the investments, if applicable
  • sale and purchase agreements or contracts if you have moved your investments around, for example from corporate bonds to other type of assets like business or commercial property.

You have 3 months after the 2-year anniversary to submit the relevant documents to us. We will contact you to remind you to send this information.

Keeping your funds invested

How long you must keep your funds invested in New Zealand depends on the kind of visa you have.

Check your visa conditions

Changing your acceptable investment during the investment period

You can move your investment funds from one acceptable investment to another during the investment period. You have 4 weeks to complete these transactions. This means that within 4 weeks of receiving the full sale proceeds, the funds must be fully reinvested into further acceptable investments. The funds cannot be left as cash for more than 4 weeks.

To make sure we will accept the new investment, contact us before moving your investment. Email:

You must keep a record of the documents if you change your investments. These can include:

  • bank records showing funds movement
  • evidence you sold securities, for example government bonds
  • evidence of purchase of assets
  • financial accounts and other business documents.

You must show that the funds are invested or kept in New Zealand for your required investment period.

Loss in investment value

If your investments decrease in value below our required level of investment, you do not need to invest further to top them up.

Reinvesting part of your acceptable investment

If you want to sell your investments during the investment period, the principle and any capital gains must be reinvested.

You can reinvest part of your acceptable investments into other business ventures or expansions.