How to get a visa sticker for a passport

We issue most visas electronically, without a visa label (sticker) in your passport. If you want a visa label, you can apply for one after your visa is granted. You will need to complete an application form, and pay a fee. 

Length of stay
Same duration as

Existing visa


NZD $150

Processing time
80% within
3 weeks

How to request a visa label

This will put a physical label into your passport. Your current visa conditions will still apply. 

You do not need a visa label (sticker) in your passport for your visa to be valid. You can request an eVisa in your new passport instead of a physical visa label, there is no fee. 

About eVisas


You can only apply for a physical visa label in your passport after your visa has been granted.

Complete an application form

Complete the Application for Transfer or Confirmation of a Visa form.

If you apply online you must pay when you submit your form. Print a copy of your confirmation email.

If you complete a paper form, you must send us your completed form and fee.

We accept payment by credit card or debit card.

Application for transfer or confirmation of a visa online form

Application for Transfer or Confirmation of a Visa (INZ 1023) PDF 375KB

Send us your documents

You must send us:

  • your passport or certificate of identity
  • the confirmation email with approval letter if you applied online
  • your completed application form and fee, if you are applying by paper
  • a pre-paid return courier bag, if you are outside New Zealand.

We recommend you courier your passport to us.

Immigration NZ
DX Box: EP71514
20 Fairfax Avenue
Auckland 1061
New Zealand

We send your passport back to you

We will put the visa label into your passport for you and then send it back to you.