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How do I know if a worker from overseas has the right to work in New Zealand?

Most foreign passport holders eligible to work in New Zealand will have a New Zealand Resident, Work or Student visa (with work rights) in the form of an electronic visa (eVisa) letter or a label in their passport.

Electronic visas or eVisas are increasingly common. People who hold eVisas will be able to show you a print out of the letter received from Immigration New Zealand.

You can verify the information on any visa by registering for VisaView. VisaView is an online system which allows you to check a visa holder's ability to work for you.


You must check the expiry date of the visa and the conditions listed on that visa. Many visas only allow a person to work for a specific employer in a specific location, or for a limited number of hours.

If they change employer, they must go through another immigration visa process to change their visa conditions. 

Varying the conditions of a work visa

If a person you want to hire does not have a visa valid for the job you are offering, they may be able to get one with your support.

Explore visa options to work.

If someone who is not legally entitled to work in New Zealand works for you, you are committing a criminal offence. This is why holding the right visa with the right conditions is so important.

Penalties for employing a person without the appropriate visa