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Can I offer a job to a worker from overseas?

Employers can offer a job to a worker from overseas, provided you comply with all relevant employment and immigration laws in force in New Zealand.  This includes: 

  • paying employees no less than the appropriate statutory minimum wage or other contracted industry standard; and 
  • meeting holiday and special leave requirements or other minimum statutory criteria, e.g. health and safety obligations; and 
  • only employing people who have authority to work in New Zealand; and
  • living and running a business in New Zealand lawfully yourself

This list is not exhaustive, so for further information refer to the Employer section of our website:

Complying with immigration and employment law

However, before your employee can commence work, they must obtain a work or resident visa.

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What if the worker from overseas is already in New Zealand?

The same information applies as above, although the process for obtaining a work visa may be slightly different.