Family and community

Reaching out to new people, and feeling welcomed in return, is an important part of settling in to a new country.

Behind a happy, well-settled productive employee who is more likely to remain committed to your organisation and stay in New Zealand long-term is a happy, well-settled family.

You can support your migrant employee and their family to settle better by providing information about their local community, such as their local schools, local support networks and even potential work opportunities for their partner.

Access to support networks

It is a good idea to help your migrant employee and their family discover the community support networks that are available to them before they arrive. It will help them plan their new life, and feel confident they have a support network in place for the crucial first few months.

Be sure to pass on ideas you have for making contacts and connections with people in New Zealand, including joining Newcomers’ Networks, local community projects or a sports club.

Newcomers' Networks

Community involvement

Local projects where everyone works for a common benefit and shared goal are great at bringing people together and creating bonds. There are always lots to be done in the community. Community groups and school committee projects are usually very social.

Getting involved with school activities and fundraising, or even the Board of Trustees, has the added benefit of putting your migrant employee in touch with their children’s teachers.

Another great way your new migrant employee can be involved with the community is for them to get to know their neighbours. Having friendly faces around can really help settle them into life in New Zealand.

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Family support

Getting their partner job-ready

Experience and research shows that working often helps people to feel more settled. Having a job can give your migrant employee’s partner a sense of belonging, as well as help them build their own local connections and social networks. This in turn helps the whole family feel more settled in New Zealand.

You can help by providing your new employee and their partner with resources about getting job-ready for New Zealand.

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Schools in New Zealand

If migrant employees meet certain requirements, their school aged children may be issued a domestic Student Visa.
Migrants can apply for their children’s Student Visa before they arrive.

Encourage your new employee to research this area before they arrive to avoid delays that might involve the family having to pay school fees. Education in New Zealand may be different to what they are used to, and having information ready for them about local schools will be a big help.

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