Check your migrant is suitably qualified

You must make sure that a person is suitably qualified and skilled to do the job before you ask them to apply for an Accredited Employer Work Visa.

What you need to check

Before you ask someone to apply for an AEWV, you must check they:

  • meet the AEWV skill requirements we set
  • have the skills and experience you have specified for the job.

You must keep accurate records of the steps you took and provide them to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) if we ask for them. If you are not able to do this, your accreditation may be revoked.

If you are using a third party like a recruitment agency to recruit on your behalf, you must confirm they will check the migrant is suitably qualified and keep records of the steps they take. You will be considered responsible if this is not done.

Meet the AEWV skills requirement

All migrants who apply for an AEWV on or after 7 April 2024 must show they have the minimum skills required for an AEWV.

You must check a migrant meets one of these skill criteria before you ask them to apply for an AEWV:

  • the job you are hiring for is on the Green List and they meet the Green List's job requirements
  • the job you are hiring for pays at least NZD$59.32 an hour (twice the February 2023 median wage)
  • they have 3 years or more of relevant work experience
  • they have a relevant qualification of Level 4 or higher on the New Zealand Qualifications and Credentials Framework (NZQCF).

A qualification or work experience is relevant if it is in the same or similar field or industry as the job offered. A Bachelor’s degree or higher is considered relevant for any job.

You must see evidence from a third party, for example letters from a manager or former employer, an education institution, or occupational registration body.

Read about the different qualification levels on the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) website:

About the NZQCF

Level descriptors for the NZQCF

Have the skills and experience you have specified for the job

You must take steps to make sure the migrant is suitably qualified for the role you are offering.

The required skills, qualifications and experience are set by you in the job advertisement and listed in the Job Check.

To check someone is suitably qualified, you could ask:

  • the applicant to do a practical test or demonstrate their knowledge in a job interview
  • to see documents that support their resume or CV.

Evidence migrants can provide

The same evidence can be used to show the migrant will meet our skills requirement and any skills or experience you have asked for.

Work experience

Examples of documents workers can use to show relevant work experience include:

  • reference letters from employers
  • certificates of employment
  • payslips
  • tax certificates.


You must see the qualification. It must show the type of qualification and the institute that awarded it.

To meet the skills requirement, the evidence must give you confidence that the qualification is Level 4 or higher on the NZQCF.

You do not need to see an International Qualification Assessment (IQA) from the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA). If the qualification is below a Bachelor's degree, the migrant will need to provide an IQA as part of their visa application.

For information about the IQA process:

Evaluating international qualifications — NZQA

Occupational registration

Their evidence should confirm:

  • the registration authority
  • the name of the registration
  • that they meet any other requirements to gain the registration, if applicable.