Education provider requirements and obligations

Here's a list of resources to help education providers understand the requirements and obligations they must meet to be able to enrol international students, apply for Student Visas on their behalf, and provide immigration advice to them.

Applying for Student Visas on behalf of students

Education providers can apply for a Student Visa on behalf of international students.

See Applying on behalf or more about the requirements of this process

Enrolment requirements

Education providers must meet the requirements set by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) and Ministry of Education (MOE) to enrol students from overseas. You can find out more about their approval and accreditation processes on their websites.

NZQA approval and accreditation process

MOE approval and accreditation process

Education provider requirements

INZ also has certain requirements for education providers. These are based around the provider’s offer of place as well as their obligations under the Immigration Act 2009.

Understand your obligations

Immigration advice

Finally, education providers must understand some important requirements around providing immigration advice. You can find out more about this in the 'Regulations and licensing' section.

Regulations and licensing