Education agent approval rates

Approval rates for education agents recruiting Indian students

This report captures Immigration New Zealand India market student visa approval data (%) and application volume range for immigration adviser companies whose owners and/or staff represent applicants in their capacity as offshore exempt advisers (OEA) and/or licenced immigration advisers (LIA).

For inclusion in the report a minimum of ten applications from an advisor company must have been decided during the reporting period.

  • The data represents decisions made by the Mumbai Area Office for the period 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017
  • Where an adviser company has one or more LIAs, this is represented in the fourth column with a “Y”.
  • The data does not represent applications that were withdrawn, declined-lapsed, or failed medicals for the period.
  • For instances where the adviser companies share the same or very similar names, the main office location is listed to assist with identification.

The figures will be updated bi-annually based on rolling data.

Education agent approval rates XLSX 28KB

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