Marketing to international students

Education providers can access marketing resources for targeting international students. We also have links to websites that may be useful for your students.

Marketing and research

Our international markets section includes information on a number of regions, including agent performance data and immigration risks and opportunities. Use this information to help in your decision-making and targeting.

International markets

Education New Zealand has many useful resources and tools available to New Zealand education providers. These products help education providers to craft their own New Zealand story. Education New Zealand also provides information and market intelligence for offshore markets.

Teaching the world about New Zealand

Tools to help you tell your story

Education Counts is a Ministry of Education (MoE) product that makes available research and statistics about education. They have a section devoted to international education. This includes research on the tertiary education sector’s activities in international education and its economic benefits. Research and statistics come from a variety of sources.

Education Counts

Some of the statistical information on Education Counts is sourced from Statistics New Zealand data. Statistics New Zealand has more data available on their website relating to the education and training sector, including New Zealand’s national accounts.

Statistics New Zealand — search by topic

Getting New Zealand ready

We provide a range of information for students to help them get ready to move to New Zealand, and to settle quickly once they arrive here.

The NZ Ready website assists students with planning their migration journey. It takes students through visa planning, arrival and all the things they need to do to settle in New Zealand successfully. From travel, to banking, to accommodation, staying healthy and making connections, the NZ Ready website is a great starting place.

NZ Ready

The Live and Work New Zealand website is also a great resource for international students. This site has information on study options, what it’s like to study and live in New Zealand as well as what to do after you graduate. It also has lots of information on moving to New Zealand and living here.

Studying in New Zealand | Live and Work New Zealand