Refugee Advisory Panel

The Refugee Advisory Panel works to support government decision-makers and policy developers on matters impacting refugees in New Zealand.

The purpose of the panel is to:

  • provide former refugees in New Zealand an opportunity to participate in the development of refugee settlement strategies and policies in an effective and meaningful manner
  • ensure former refugee interests, perspectives and knowledge inform and influence strategic direction and policies on regional, national and international refugee issues
  • include former refugees in relevant New Zealand government delegations.

Refugees Seeking Equal Access at the Table (R-SEAT)

Centre for Asia Pacific Refugee Studies (CAPRS)

Role of the Refugee Advisory Panel

As a panel member you will use your skills to:

  • ensure decision-making is informed from the perspective of former refugees
  • provide advice and feedback on international, regional and national refugee issues
  • advise on the development of refugee policies, programmes and strategies
  • identify and actively take part in work that improves the lives of refugees in New Zealand.

Panel members

Current list of Refugee Advisory Panel members
Name Location Date appointed
Antoinette Umugwaneza Palmerston North 18 July 2022
Ayan Said Auckland 18 July 2022
Madiha Ali Hamilton 18 July 2022
Oo Meh Nga Wellington 18 July 2022
Vira Paky Wellington 13 March 2024
Paula Santacruz Wellington 18 July 2022
Jane Smith Christchurch 13 March 2024
Rabia Talal Almbaid Dunedin 18 July 2022
Jose Tombe Wellington 13 March 2024