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Student visa processing improvements

We are in the peak processing period for student visas and Immigration New Zealand (INZ) has made improvements to the way we communicate decisions.

15 February 2024
1 minute read

Immigration New Zealand has improved the process for deciding student visa applications by giving our staff more efficient assessment tools and letter templates. This means we can process student visa applications faster, and let applicants know the outcome of their application sooner.   

We've seen a 20% increase in student visa applications compared to the peak period in 2022/2023, and we are also anticipating high volumes of student visa applications from February to March 2024, as students who are already in New Zealand apply for second or subsequent visas.

To address this, we've increased the number of staff processing these applications, and provided them with better tools and letter templates, leading to clearer and more consistent communication in decision letters.

While managing this higher volume, we've also seen an increase in complex applications needing more time. To ensure your application can be assessed in a timely manner, please ensure your application includes all necessary information.

We regularly update our student visa information sheets on the INZ website with information to support international students with their visa application:

Student visa information