How to request a change to your NZeTA

Use this form to update passport details, name changes, email addresses, and correct small errors on an NZeTA.

Check the status of an NZeTA

If you have a current NZeTA application, you can check its status.

Check your NZeTA status

When to use this form

You can only use this form to:

  • correct small errors, for example the spelling of your name or an incomplete passport number
  • update to your email address, or
  • update your passport details, for example the passport number of your new passport.

When not to use this form

You cannot use this form to change a visa, including an Australian Permanent Resident Visa, or to make significant changes to your NZeTA, including:

  • your nationality or passport issuing state
  • your declaration answers
  • the type of NZeTA you have requested, for example changing a transit to a traveller NZeTA.

If you need to update any of these details, you must submit a new NZeTA request.

If you want to change your visa details, contact us.

Contact us

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Identify the NZeTA


If you are changing your name or passport number you need to request the changes at least 10 days before you travel. If you want to change your nationality on your passport you will need to submit a new NZeTA request.

To find your NZeTA reference number:

  • check the confirmation email we sent you, or
  • look up your details online by checking your NZeTA status.

Check your NZeTA status

If you requested an NZeTA using the app, open the app and click the down arrow next to your profile picture.


Your reference number starts with E and has 5 to 8 numbers, for example E123456.

Tell us how to contact you


This is the email we will use to contact you about this request.

Tell us what you want to update


The details in your NZeTA must always match the details in the passport you will be using to travel to New Zealand. If your passport details are not correct you may not be able to board your plane or cruise.


If you are making significant changes to an NZeTA — you must submit a new NZeTA request.


This email address will replace the one used in the NZeTA request.


INZ privacy statement

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  • To the best of my knowledge the information I have provided in this form is accurate and have answered the questions truthfully and correctly.