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U3.1 Summary

See also Immigration Act 2009 s4

  1. Unless otherwise specified, to be granted a student visa to attend a programme of study of more than three months, applicants must:
    1. have an offer of a place or, if returning to continue a programme of study, a confirmation of enrolment in an approved programme of study with an education provider in New Zealand that meets student visa requirements (see U3.5, U3.10, and U5.1); and
    2. be exempted from or have paid tuition fees; and
    3. if aged under 18, meet accommodation requirements (see U3.15); and
    4. have fulfilled the purpose and met the conditions for any previous or current temporary visas held as set out in E3.15 and E3.20; and
    5. meet the conditions set out in E3.20; and
    6. not be the holder of a current visitor visa granted under Guardians accompanying students to New Zealand instructions (see V3.100); and
    7. hold insurance (see U3.45), unless they are a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) student or a student holding a New Zealand scholarship administered through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.
  2. All applicants must meet the requirements under Generic Temporary Entry Class instructions for:
    1. lodging an application for a temporary entry class visa as set out at E4; and
    2. bona fide applicants as set out at E5; and
    3. health and character as set out at A4 and A5.
  3. Applicants who have not completed, or will not be completing the programme of study endorsed on their student visa and who wish to change their programme of study and/or education provider must:
    1. meet requirements (a) and (b) above; and
    2. meet the requirements set out at U3.40.

Note: Applicants who are progressing to further study, for example a student in Year 13 who is progressing to tertiary studies, will not need to meet U3.40.

Effective 07/09/2022


U3.5 Offer of a place

U3.7 Confirmation of enrolment

U3.10 Tuition fees

U3.15 Accommodation requirements for fee-paying foreign students

U3.20 Sufficient funds for maintenance while in New Zealand

U3.25 Outward travel

U3.30 Students aged under 10

U3.35 Definition of 'domestic student'

U3.40 Students who wish to change their study conditions

U3.45 Insurance requirements for fee-paying foreign students

U3.50 Payment of costs for Managed Isolation and Quarantine for students who are nominated individuals in COVID-19 Restricted Temporary Entry Immigration Instructions (to 29/08/2022)


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