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V3.55 Visiting Media Programme (VMP)

See also Immigration (Visa, Entry Permission, and Related Matters) Regulations 2010 Schedule 2

  1. Participants in the New Zealand Trade and Enterprise or New Zealand Tourism Board's Visiting Media Programme (VMP), who are from countries whose nationals are people to whom a visa waiver applies (see E2.1.5):
    1. may be granted a visitor visa and entry permission on arrival in New Zealand; and
    2. are permitted to undertake employment directly associated with their invitation under the VMP for one month from their date of arrival.
  2. Participants from countries whose nationals are required to hold a visitor visa for travel to New Zealand must apply for a visitor visa and provide with their application a letter of introduction from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise or the New Zealand Tourism Board.
  3. Participants in the VMP are exempt from having to hold a work visa for one month from their date of arrival.
  4. Participants who wish to stay in New Zealand for longer than one month must apply for a work visa.

Effective 29/11/2010


V3.1 Group visas

V3.5 Business visitors

V3.10 Partners and dependent children of student or work visa holders

V3.15 Partners of New Zealand citizens or residence class visa holders

V3.20 Dependent children of New Zealand citizens or residence class visa holders

V3.25 Children entering New Zealand for adoption

V3.30 Children adopted overseas before their New Zealand citizenship is confirmed

V3.35 Culturally arranged marriage

V3.40 Entry to New Zealand for the purpose of medical treatment or consultation

V3.45 Applicants wanting to obtain occupational registration in New Zealand

V3.50 Persons associated with a Contracting Party to the Antarctic Treaty and other Antarctic travellers

V3.60 Pitcairn Islanders

V3.65 Conference delegates

V3.70 Crew members joining vessels or aircraft

V3.75 Department of Conservation volunteers (to 25/08/2014)

V3.80 Visitors arriving by yacht or private aircraft

V3.81 Owners and crew of super yachts

V3.85 Sports people, support staff, match and tournament officials and media and broadcasting personnel associated with sports events, tours or tournaments

V3.90 Visitor visas for refugee or protection status claimants

V3.95 German law students and graduates

V3.100 Guardians accompanying students to New Zealand

V3.105 APEC Business Travel Cardholders

V3.110 Parent and grandparent multiple entry visitor visa instructions

V3.115 Work visa holders dismissed during a trial period

V3.120 Temporary Retirement Category

V3.125 Partners and dependent children of military visa holders

V3.130 Visiting academics

V3.135 Visitor visas for child victims of people trafficking

V3.140 Approved arts or music festival

V3.145 Short-term live entertainment acts

V3.150 International Tour Escorts

V3.155 Persons departing New Zealand during COVID-19

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