I'm already here, my plans have changed

Things happen, life changes and therefore your situation may have changed. You may be thinking of the future and would like to know more. The following topics may be of interest to you at this point.

Change of plan

If your situation or plans have changed – you want to stay longer, or change jobs – find out how your work visa is affected.

My situation has changed

Becoming a New Zealand citizen

Your next step may be to become a New Zealand citizen. The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) administers applications for citizenship.

In New Zealand, residence and citizenship are different. If you are granted residence, you retain your original citizenship. However, after you’ve lived here for a certain period of time you may apply for New Zealand citizenship and the right to hold a New Zealand passport. The Department of Internal Affairs administers citizenship in New Zealand.

Department of Internal Affairs

Sponsoring your family to join you

You may wish that some of your closest family members could come to join you. We provide an opportunity for partners, parents and dependent children to join you here in New Zealand.

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Leaving New Zealand for a trip or holiday

You may be ready to go for a holiday overseas or maybe you need to travel to see friends and family? If so, you need to make sure the travel conditions of your resident visa are up to date.

Travel conditions are the conditions of your resident visa which allow you to re-enter New Zealand as a resident. Resident visas are usually issued with travel conditions for two years.

If you have been issued a resident visa under the Immigration Act 2009 (on or after 29 November 2010), the expiry date of your travel conditions is indicated by the 'Expiry date travel' on your visa label. If you were granted a residence visa or permit under the Immigration Act 1987 (before 29 November 2010), your travel conditions expire on the date indicated on your returning resident's visa label.

If your travel conditions have already expired or will expire before you come back to New Zealand, you should make an application to either vary your travel conditions or to obtain a permanent resident visa.

Information on permanent resident visa